Review Policy

My reviews have ratings from one to five, (sometimes more depends on how I loved it). I will honestly say what my opinion is as a reviewer and bookworm and I will state what I liked most or hated most about a book and will give a recommendation or message. I will do my best to be honest and unbiased about my reviews. Note, though I am not one of professional reviewers in the blogosphere. I offer reviews of passion and honest opinion. Reviews will be semi-professional or personal based on reading experience.

I accept review request or any other post as long as I get to see what the book is about, what genre its under in and if I am given a reviewers copy.

I accept these kind of copies

*Epub (Preferably these kind)
*Physical Copies

P.S: Please note that I live in the Philippines so my receiving physical copies should be a topic if you ever send an e-mail.

For the genre, these are the list that I am comfortable writing a review about:

*New Adult
*Adult Fiction (suspense, mystery genre's only)

I will not review (Open for possibilities)

*Historical Fiction
*Bibliographies and auto-biographies
*Middle Grade

For those who are interested hit me up at my e-mail and I will give my answers there.

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