January 2, 2017

2017 - The Year of of Persevering

Hi guys! You may have noticed my 11 month hiatus from blogging. Well as it turned out university life is just so hard.

It was a matter of choosing what I had to prioritize first, which was academics, organization duties and most importantly sleep. 

Don't want to sound braggy, but in our school its a common scenario to receive failing grades. It has been a greater challenge as the years pass by to try and pass the subjects that I've been taking. Some, that I don't even really want to study intensively. Despite it all, I am a year away from graduating and I honestly can't wait for what 2017 has to offer.

In terms of blogging, I haven't been able to go out and read a lot of books lately. I've been sticking to cliche romances and new adult titles to cope with the stress of school. So yeah, I haven't been really reading in a diverse manner.

Another factor of why I haven't been able to blog is because of my duties of the student council of School of Multimedia and Visual Arts. I recently decided to run as Marketing Head for the council, with the hopes of being able to give service to my fellow students, and our annual SMVA Night and the revived SMVA Week was held this year. It took months of planning to get the events on going. And it took a lot of my time to balance academics, organization duties as well as the family events and things to handle with friends.

Few of my artworks for 2016 and a picture from my art idols from the Philippines, Mimi Camile and Pat Abella

The SMVA Student Council, Design Deconstruct and my Dorm family

Local indie music scene in PH

2016 has been a really wild ride for me, and I don't regret anything that happened. But I am saddened by the fact that I had to sacrifice my blog in order to achieve my success for 2016. This is why I decided to fully work on having this blog up and going.

If you've seen my rant on twitter, I had the realization that this blog has contributed to my affirmation of life choices. It made me realize that I wanted to work on the design business. It has given me the edge I needed due to the fact that I've read numerous books and those books has given me great perspectives and ideas needed in my studies. I'm not going to give up easily on the one thing that made me realize what my goals are in life.

So yes, you'll be seeing more of me in the next weeks. Tho yes, I still won't be as frequent as I was three years ago, but the blog posts will certainly come more frequently and I'll try hard to avoid dipping into hiatuses.

I'll be reviewing more songs and artists this year

I've decided that music is a great part of my life, and I want to share it with you guys. I've fallen in love with these local indie music and I know that you guys will be able to find some of these people as amazing and just plain magnificent.

Movie  & Series Review .... Maybe Theories as well?

Being a multimedia student, I've been exposed to different kinds of films these days, and I just know that a good film is meant to be shared. I'm also opening the idea of having theory posts about the series I'm watching, which is something that I'm still working on.

Edgy Topic Tuesdays/Fridays

I'm still deciding on the day, but I'm hoping to  put up this frequent posts starting this year. Which is a series of topics that I think the youth need to talk about. Something to keep us aware.

So far, these are the ideas I'm building. Hopefully it will be a success and we'll work on having the university not swallow me whole, lol.

I can't wait to share my new posts and ideas with you guys! To a more happy and productive new year!

So how about you? What happened to last 2016? Any exciting plans for 2017?


  1. Nicee! Looking forward dun sa edgy topics! I like the ideaa :D

    1. Thanks! haha hopefully maging okay sya :D

  2. We were in the same boat, Jules! 2016 was quite tough for us, but I am glad that you're a year into graduation! Continue with your art, you're so talented! Have a happy new year!

    1. Thank you Dre! I hope I can see you soon naman haha. Bonding for year 2017!

  3. 2016 was indeed a tough year. But 2017 is a new chapter and I'm excited for you and your goals. Looking forward to your songs, artists, monies and series reviews. I totally love the idea of Edgy topics as well. 😊

    1. Can't wait to read more from you too Karla!

  4. Aww Jules, I honestly missed you tons! I definitely understand; it seemed like you had a really busy year. But from what it looks like, you also had a really great 2016, and I am really happy for you :) For all your duties as student council to all the fun things you did with friends and family. I hope you still continue up the good work. Wishing you the happiest year yet <3 Have a great time!

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. Thank you Jillian! I'm also happy for you and Mish! You guys did great things last year! <3


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