February 9, 2016

January Roundup : A month of artsy adventures!

So this month is a good month for me. Aside from doing another blog revamp that I adore, a lot of opportunities opened up for me and new experiences as well.

So yeah, you guys might've noticed that I also wasn't so active for the month of January which I will explain later on. Hihi


I've only read three books for the month of January. I KNOW, I KNOW I'M SLACKING AND I SO KNOW IT GAAAH. Apparently when i'm in an art block, I'm also in a reading slump as well. gaaah.

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West (5 Stars)


In terms of cute books that I've read this year, this will probably be one of the most memorable of them all. Caymen's humor is adorable and interesting and Xander is charming with his boy next door aura ;). Plus I loved the the good twist to the story. Made the story all the more memorable.

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge (4 Stars)

I haven't written an official review for this one yet but I was so surprised about the book. According to the blurb, it was like Graceling meets Beauty and the Beast. But to me, it reminds me a lot of the story of Bluebeard. Which in this case, kinda works for me, since I haven't read any retellings about that particular story. Plus I love the characters here, they're so full of depth and emotion. They're don't feel like characters, instead they feel like human beings as well.  I think I'll be writing a more formal review for this one soon.

The Score by Elle Kennedy (Off-Campus #3) (5 Stars)

This book is probably one of the most memorable in the series! Even though no one can truly go to my heart unlike Garrett. Dean definitely comes in to a close second. Basically I've been in love with books with lots of charm, witty conversations, and playful banter. And this one has lots of that.


Aside from the books I've read lately (which isn't much, to be honest) I've been busy with lots of outside things lately. The first is to go listen to one of my favorite local bands here in the Philippines.


I've been in love with this band's (MilesExperience) music for a long time now. They specialize a lot in punk rock music. So if you're into a band with lots of sexy tones and awesome guitar riffs and solos go ahead and check them out! CUZ THEY ARE SO AMAZING AND I JUST HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH YOU! hihihi

Plus they remind me a lot of those indie rock bands that I always read in books. And it is so amazing to hear someone with this music live. They're so full of energy and gosh Justin and Ian is so amazing with their guitar riftss gaaaaah


Just recently I entered this painting competition which was the main cause why I haven't been able to blog lately. Its because the amount of time to prepare a concept and the concept of the painting was hard to complete. Sadly I hadn't won but I'm thankful enough for the experience and I cannot wait to participate again next year, (and hopefully win, if God ever so allows me to :D )

Books I plan to read this February


This are the books I'm pretty sure I'll be reading by the month of February. I haven't read Smoke and Bone, Cinder and November 9 yet, but I plan to delve more on fantasy novels and dystopian than NA so I'm gonna remedy that now by reading one of the most famous fantasy novels that was published before 2016. ANDDDD I'm also will be re-reading Me Before You because GAAAAH HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER? NO YOU HAVE NOT? WELL HERE'S THE TRAILER.

so yeah you can actually understand why I am so so excited about this movie because I am sooooooo ready to make by eyes cry more buckets of tears. Because I'm a masochist that way. So yeah, as preparation for the upcoming showing of this film, I'll be re-reading the book and I'll probably write a review for it again as an pre-celebration for the showing :D

So yeah that's basically what my life is lately. But you'll be seeing me lately this month of february. Plus I'll be sharing more music I'm enjoying lately with you guys soon! :D

How about you? How is your month of January? Anything happened while i went into a hiatus?

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  1. Enjoy rereading Me Before You! I definitely ended up crying in that last part. And congratulations on the art contest! I'm in so much awe right now


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