January 8, 2016

Jules de Aventura

Welcome to Jules Bookshelf a.k.a Jules de Aventura

I just noticed that I did a lot of blog revamps for Jules Bookshelf. I had 3 blog designs before this one, and I pretty confident that I love this one better. Studying in an art school made me more aware of little things that I can do to make my blog “look” like my personality. And that’s mainly why I’ve decided to change the look, again for Jules Bookshelf. I had changed a lot from who I usually am a year ago. Other than celebrating my 18th birthday, I also became more aware of how ,my reading books, has molded my way of interacting with friends. And as the year passed, I realized how I don’t just love reading books, but I’ve grown to appreciate indie music , art and games. So, yes my interests just became wider. And this is where the biggest revamp comes into place.

I’ve decided to not only revamp the blog, but to also REBRAND it. And Jules Bookshelf is now, Jules de Aventura. I can’t just talk about books, I want to be able to share some bands I’ve been listening to, games I’ve started to play and art I’ve been addicted to. So I decided to not limit my blog to just “book blogging” category. You’ll be seeing some personal posts popping up more often than before. Here are some posts I’ve been thinking about

  • Chill Blues Sundays (Posts of Music I recommend)
  • Game Review
  • Art Galore
  • Le Adventures (Places I’ve been to)
  • Love Stor y of the Month
  • Author Appreciation Monthly
  • And some other posts I’m still thinking of,

I'm still adding up some things in the blog (like the follow button for GFC, bloglovin and RSS) so you'll see some things pop up in the blog.
    I can’t thank you guys enough for staying with me despite my long 2 and a half hiatus. I was a bit scared that I can’t even get back to my blogging vibe, but thankfully you guys have been incredibly supportive and I thank you guys for that. Till the next post guys! :D

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    1. I'm looking forward dun sa game reviews. heheheehheehehehe. :> Again, I'm so proud of your latest renov. <3 Congrats beb!!!

      1. Thanks ate Dyanne! :D So happy about this one too :D

    2. Jules! I'm really excited for your new features!!! I know how artistic and creative you are and I'm glad you're incorporating a lot in here!!


    Hi! I love reading your opinions, whether its the same or different from mine. I will reply to all kinds of comments and I hope to have the chance to talk to you guys!