August 15, 2015

Book Review: The Zeuorian Awakening by Cindy Zablockis

The Zeuorian Awakening by Cindy Zablockis (1 star and a half)

Lexi’s no ordinary teenager. She was born with the ability to read minds and sense danger. But on her seventeenth birthday, she realized how different she was after transforming, literally that is. Now she’s developing powers stronger than a superhero. But she’s no superhero.

Far from it.

She has no control over her abilities and causes accidents every time she’s nervous or upset, which being a teenager is hard to avoid, especially when the most popular boys in school are fighting to be with her.

If that isn’t bad enough, a stranger is following her. She doesn't know who he is or what he wants, yet he knows all about her abilities and that she’s developing more. And . . . he’s her only hope of understanding why she’s changing and others are after her. What she learns will send her life into overdrive.

A romantic and suspenseful story with several unexpected twists, The Zeuorian captures the struggle between wanting to survive and longing to know the truth even if it means risking death.


Disappointing. As much as I wanted to like this book and how I think its pretty, I am not so impressed with how the story is in general.

The main reason why I wanted to read it was because it reminded me of aliens in a way that sounds like JLA, and because of that gorgeous cover. Here I am, imagining that it would be beautiful and very sci-fi, but it lacked a lot of things that would make me want to like it.

The first thing I have a problem with, is the way the story was built. It felt very cluttered and unorganized, every sequence was suddenly changing and from one scene to the next, and before I know it, its already the next chapter and I don’t even understand anything from what happened. I probably reread the start of the book about three times because it was so confusing to read. And the whole idea of the society behind these Zeuorians were very vague. I didn’t get much background except that they possess great powers.

Another big thing that I didn’t like at all is the characters. They were either annoying or bland and simple. The girl was very naïve and confusing. Her personality is so cluttered that understand what kind of a person she is, is hard to decipher. She’s not exactly a martyr. But she isn’t that smart either. I don’t want to sound mean, but it feels like her personality tries to be a perfect mix, but its not. It just makes her look bipolar.

And then there’s the guys. Ugh. You know me dearies. I love a good love triangle. I like it when I get to guess who is the right one for the lady, but I could already see it from a mile away who’s Mr. Right and Wrong. And guess what, the girl juggles them. She likes guy #1 and then she’s wary of him, then she thinks she’s attracted to #2 but doubts him and so on and so forth. GAAAH. It is so infuriating. Eh.

And lastly, what I hated most about this book is how predictable it was. There was no suspense, no surprise, no “Hmm, I wonder what will happen?”. I didn’t contemplate the what ifs of the story. It was just there! Nothing to get excited about.

Overall, I’m just not impressed about the book, I’m kinda surprised that I managed to finish it at all. And I’m not even curious about what would happen in the sequel.

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  1. Awww Jules. I'm sorry to hear this was such a disappointment for you. :( But, honestly, I can completely see where you're coming from. The love triangle sounds unappealing and the plot sounds scattered and predictable, which are two huge "nos" for me. I think I'm going to skip this one - thanks for taking one for the team! ♥

    1. Thanks Zoe! You know I love my love triangles, but this one is just eeeeh. :(

  2. Oh! I am sorry that this book disappointed you Jules! I hope you pick up something amazing that will blow up your mind as your next read!
    Happy Reading girl!

  3. I want to be surprised by books, too, but if you already have a feeling on what would happen next, then that's just really disappointing. :/

  4. I think you deserve a kudos just for finishing it Jules, it sounds all over the place and so hard to really get into the storyline. Is it tropey? It sounds like it's thrown every YA stereotype in there and hope that it works, but sadly it sounds a bit of a mess. So sorry you had to endure this Jules, hopefully your next read knocks your socks off. Brilliantly honest review <3

  5. Sounds like this one was pretty frustrating with the bland characters, the main character who went back on forth on the guys and being naive in general. And the predictability makes it kind of seem bland too. Lovely review Jules! Hope your next read is better.

  6. Eek, this sounds like an awful, awful mess, and something I'd LOVE to stay away from! I don't like it when writing is cluttered and direction-less! I read a book like that once, where in one chapter there were so many scene transitions with different POVs and it just made my head spin like a yo-yo. Plus, an indecisive heroine is not someone I'd love to read about! :/

    Faye at The Social Potato


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