August 11, 2015

Are you an out or in the closet book blogger?

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Sorry for that really really weird title hahaha! But really let's talk bout' this haha.

When I first started blogging, no one ever knew about it. Not even my parents or classmates knew about it. I did share it to my bff since highschool. Tho she doesn't really understand it, she's happy that I'm happy haha, (Mostly tho we fangirl when the fave author we love responds to me/her/our tweets ) my mom only found out when she saw me typing a blog post. (She's a big fan now haha, in a cute/embarrassing kind of way, she even tells her co-workers about it haha) and gradually people knew about it as well.

Mom? You told them?

Tho I have always tweeted my reviews on my account on Twitter, but I never imagined anyone I know even thinking of clicking it. But yes, eventually a lot of my reality friends knew about it until it became common knowledge that I was indeed a blogger.

It was a cute experience to be honest. I was always seen as the reader kind of girl so they weren't really that surprised about it haha. They were a bit surprised about having a blog in itself. They thought I was this bigshot famous blogger when I really wasn't haha. But yes when blogging became "part" of my life it was easier for my parents to understand my complete love for books (so when bookish events come up, they totally understand that I'd want to go :D ).

Let me welcome some of my friends who are here to write about their experience on this topic :D

First person to share is a personal friend of mine. And she shares her first opinion on me. She's also a blogger, more lifestyle in genre. Dyanne of  D-Ture

1. What was your first impression of me?

I seriously have NO idea. HAHA. But I kinda think it was that I sorta sensed some leader type in you.
(Seriously tho, I have an OCD when it comes to projects, so I tend to be bossy and my friends know this so I only say sorry to compensate haha) 

I was a leader type? hahaha didn't think people would see that in me haha. I'm quite lazy but I do take responsibilities seriously.

2. Was it obvious that I was a really big avid reader?

No, not really. You probably seemed one but I never imagined you to be that big of a reader until you mentioned about your book blog! And I was actually like, Ohmaygahd, someone understands me!

I do. I do. Haha, I was glad I could influence you to love Rose and Connor too ;) 

3. Were you able to relate to me? Did I influence you in anyway when it comes to anything bookish or blogging wise?

I sure did! Especially on the blogging aspect. A lot of people haven't really accepted the fact that blogging is now a young industry. Most people still see them as nothing but a hobby. It was nice to know that at least 1 of the thousands of people in Mapua, understands me in this way.

Hm, I've long been into reading since I was but a little child. I think it kinda helped that I have some friends in Mapua who's really into reading as well. (who actually turns out to be waaaay more into reading than me) I've kinda detached myself from books since I started college but it's good to know that I could have a sort of reading buddy to gush about all things reading.


this is how we were when we talked about Connor Freaking Amazing Cobalt! :D hahahahha
So you see it wasn't a really big big thing, but I guess them knowing about my book blog made them understand me more and they always take that into consideration. (They know that I always stop when we go through a bookstore hahaha). Inah of The Bibliophile Confessions also shares her firsthand experience about blogging on our "real life"

When I decided to start blogging about books, I didn’t want my friends to know about it. I was a bit shy, I guess and I didn’t want to them to read my reviews about the books I’ve read, although I’m pretty much eager to share book recommendations to them, of course! Maybe I didn’t want them to judge me and well, writing my reviews in English because I don’t casually speak in that language when it comes to talking to them. I’m not good when it comes to handling compliments. I get too flustered and all red, which is pretty funny.

When I created my blog, I made a separate Twitter account for the blog and to share all my book love. It was kind of fun living with two identities. I told my closest friends, my roommates that I do blog and review books. But since I have a lot of friends and most of my friends know how much of a bookworm I am, the word got out that I am a book blogger. I was kinda nervous they would look at me in a different way, most of them didn’t. Some treated me like I’m someone famous. It was embarrassing and funny at the same time. I was shy about it at first but I decided to shake it off and be proud of that fact that once I ramble about books, I could go on for hours. My friends love that about me.

About a week ago, one friend discovered my blog-related Twitter and decided to follow me. I was surprised and I freaked out a little at first because she was the only one from my school, besides my co-blogger Jem, who knows about my Twitter. The thing is, after I realized that it’s cool for me for people to know that I’m a book blogger, I put a link of my blog related Twitter account on my personal one. I just didn’t think people would actually click it.

A friendly advice, unless you’re not comfortable with people finding out you’re a book blogger, I think it’s totally okay for your friends or family to know. Besides, isn’t our love for books is what pushed us to become a book blogger? There’s nothing wrong in sharing and proclaiming our love for books to other people. Last thing, always be proud to be a book blogger!
I agree with Inah here :D I wasn't really a big blogger, but I am proud that I am able to share my love for books and converse with other book bloggers as well. That I think is the best thing about this. So whether you're an in/out of the closet book blogger. It doesn't matter because we all love books all the same and we are so proud of that :D

So yeah that's my discussion today! I hope you guys had fun reading it and hope to see you soon. *here's a gif of Loki winking :D

How about you? Does your family know? Maybe your bestfriend? Tell me your story :D


  1. My bestfriends know that I am blogging but my family just found out about it recently when my dad noticed why I still had a lot of typing going on during summer break. So I told him about my blog then he told our relatives etc and it was quite weird because I never talk about books with my cousins. I meet with them every weekends and they don't see me reading because I try to bond with them so it was quite weird talking to them about books. What's really fun about my family finding out my passion with books? Lots and lots of bookstore giftcards :D

    1. YESSS! Back then my relatives weren't aware that I blog, but they do know that I love books. But now they take gifts seriously haha. My cousin gifted me my Kobo, and that was the best gift for the year to me hahaha.

  2. No one knows I blog except my sister. I have no idea if that's going to change, but I'll be so embarrassed if other people knew. >///<

    1. We all have different reactions about it! But yes, its like sharing a part of yourself, so it can get a bit embarrassing if people know that you blog. hahahha

  3. This such a cool AND relatable post, Jules - I was a closeted blogger for about 1 and half years but now more and more find about my blog everyday.

    It was pretty weird at first but now I think I'm learning to own it. ;)

    1. YES TO THAT NUZ! HAHA #proudblogger

  4. Man this is such a great post Jules! I totally agree that some people just don't understand "the whole blogging thing". But the friends/workmates who know that I blog also make it out like I'm massively bigtime which i always find really hilarious haha!

  5. I am definitely a in the closet book blogger, I am so nervous about my friends and family finding out although I know they would be supportive and find it cool! I feel like Hannah Montana living two lives!


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