May 21, 2015

Top Three's: What Bloggers Do Behind the Laptop

Top Three's is a feature here @ Jules Bookshelf where I list three bookish or non-bookish things from my mind.

What Bloggers Do Behind the Laptop
I’m sure that some of you guys will relate to me on this one. Because I am sure, that I do these things. This is my top three’s, what bloggers do behind the laptop, besides of course, reading.

3. Is stare at their bookshelves

Which is probably a given right? Sometimes when I am at my dorm, with none of my dormates around, I would just stare at my mini bookshelves there. As in stare at them, and then rearrange them again, but putting them back in the original order I did. I can’t remember the times that I took a picture of my bookshelf. I’m 100% sure that even you suffer from this kind of situation.

2. Talk to themselves about what they just read.

I’m not sure if other people do this, and as much as it embarrasses me to admit. I always talk to myself after reading a book (of course, when I’m alone haha). I would contemplate what I loved about certain book, like if the guy is cute or if I’m just biased because he’s described with those uber gorgeous jawline some guys have.

1. Stalk book blogs or most importantly their instagram feed.

This is probably something I should be a bit worried about because I don’t even have instagram, and yet I always stalk bookstagrams. Ugh. I love looking at their feed, whether they show their books, arcs, or even other things they like to show. Someday soon I’ll probably open up my own instagram, but for now, I’ll just stalk my fave people at Instagram. :> If you need to know tho, the people I always stalk it would be Aimee of Deadly Darlings (@aimeereads), Hazel of Stay Bookish (@hazelstaybookish), Kelly of Effortlessly Reading (@whatisakelly), and other people that I usually stalk via their twitter. haha (PS those aren't the only people I stalk haha)

But yeah overall, I think this is what we book bloggers do behind the laptop. Besides gushing over books and fave book boyfriends that is!

How about you? Do you have any suggestions? What do you do behind that laptop?


  1. I stare at my shelves ALL THE TIME. It's insane. XD I waste a few seconds of every day just standing and wanting to organize them again (but 400 books is way too much!)

    I talk to myself even WHILE reading. It's a bookworm habit! :)

    I love stalking blogs and Instagram feeds as well! :D Thanks so much for mentioning me, lovely. :) Some of my personal favorites include: @xCrini, @artsymusings, @bookmaurader and @wingedreviews. <3 You should definitely join the bookstagram community!

    1. YAAAY MORE BOOKSTAGRAMS TO STALK! HIHIHI thanks for the suggestions dearie!


  2. I don't really talk to myself about the books, I just generally think about all the random things, and I also end up smiling pretty randomly. I smile a lot to myself, so my mom ends up calling me out a lot for it. And I've got a teeny little shelf, so it's not much to stare at, but I really love looking at it. :D

    1. Hahaha I can definitely relate! Those kind of smiles were what my friends know of me haha, I always end being teased over smiling haha

  3. I do a lot of things, most of them not necessarily bookish, though :P I don't have a great shelf so I don't really have much to look at. I still need to get into the bookstagraming thing! I just recently started becoming serious about it.

    Faye at The Social Potato

  4. HAHA cute, cute post Jules!! I stare at my bookshelf as well, but not so often. I just love looking at the spines because they make me smile for some reason. Some people think it's weird, but it already excites me just staring at them, haha :) I sometimes stalk people's bookstagrams, but I avoid doing so because it makes me feel bad knowing other people have more books than I do, that's why I don't like looking through the photos, lol :P

    Lovely post! I love what you put here :D

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

  5. I'm a definite sucker for staring at my bookshelves, especially after I've just reorganized them and they look LOVELY. Recently I redid my entire bookshelf system and added some books and I just can't stop staring at them. :') They're gorgeous and I never want to look away, ha. If my room was more photogenic I'd probably take pictures of them but alas. It's nice just to have them there.

    I definitely stalk Instagram! And I spend a LOT of time on Twitter talking to other bloggers/book people. It's so much fun. Sometimes stalking on Instagram depresses me because I wish I could take the same nice pictures some people do! They're gorgeous. Ugh.

  6. I so do all of these! I think I used to stare at my bookshelf at first because I was marveling at the beautiful spines of my beautiful books, and also because I have a huge shelf, so I stare at it and take pride that I own so many books. But these days, I stare at my bookshelf in guilt because of the number of books and bought and never read. I'm leaving for college soon in another country, so now I'm rushing to finish all the physical books I have now because I won't be able to bring them to uni with me. :(

    And haha, I'm the queen of talking to myself. I don't only do it for books -- I do it for everything. When I'm alone, I'll just make conversation with myself, you know? It sounds crazy, but it can get pretty entertaining. It's especially fun when you're ranting to yourself about something. xD The only downside is when people start staring at you like you're some kind of psycho, but hey, they just don't understand! Right?! *bulging eyes*

    Yep, a full-fledged stalker right here, too. I don't really stalk other bloggers' Instagram feeds (unless I really like what pictures they've posted on their blogs), but I stalk them on Twitter BIG TIME. I'll read their bio and their tweets and their replies to other people. I swear I just do this because I love them and admire them so much.

    Hilarious post, Jules! So fun to read! :D

  7. This is so true! My friends often call me weird since I looovee to stare at my bookshelf! Not to mention, my bookshelf is right in front of my bed, so if I can't sleep, I often stare at my bookshelf. Also, I like stalking book blogs too, though I didn't do it often :D

    Anyway, great post! <3

    Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought

  8. YES TO ALL THREE! And I've always thought that I am the only person who does the second one, haha:) And bookshelf staring is my favourite hobby! I just can't get enough of swooning over the beauties that adorn my shelf:)

  9. I so badly want to make a bookstagram, but I rarely take photos of my books, and I'm too lazy to manage TWO instagram accounts! Haha. But YES AT STARING AT BOOKSHELVES. I love staring at my own books :)

  10. HAHAHA! That number three just hit me very hard! I love this post of yours, Jules! Oh, yes. Honestly, I stalk IG feeds too but mostly are from fashion bloggers. But I don't talk with myself when I finish a book. It's just . . . weird. People might think I'm crazy when they caught me. But what's the thing that I most do when I'm not with my laptop is read. Or paint. :)

    Yani @ Paper Boulevard

  11. OH I LOVE BOOKSTAGRAMS! Photos of books and how it was presented is just beautiful! <3 I would have to add going to bookstores just to surround yourself with books! That new book smell is addicting! ;)

  12. Hahaha you have no idea how much I actually stare and admire my shelves! I do this at least a few times a day hahaha. And then when we're not doing that then definitely the blog and book stalking. Books books books <33

  13. YES YES AND YES. Especially #2. I talk to myself a lot. More than is healthy, I'm sure. I give myself pep talks, make verbal pros and cons about books, try out how certain phrases in a review might sound...hell, I even discuss book twists with myself. What was and what should have been. But I'm so, so glad it's not only me who does these things. Big, big relief! Great posy, Jules <3

    Rhea @ Rhea's Neon Journal

  14. I also love staring at my bookshelf! <3 (The get depressed because of my huge TBR pile.) LOL :D

    I don't really frequent IG to stalk bookstagrams, but book blogs, yes. :)

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia


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