November 9, 2014

T'was mah Berthdaaiy

So yeah, not sure if you guys understand the title I made but yeah. Last October 29. I just turned 17!





So yeah, I just turned 17 which doesn't really feel different at all. I am still the weird and hyperactive kid that I was two years ago. Maybe even worse. But, for this year, I've been building up more to do lists for the next months to come, until my 18th birthday.

These goals are in no particular order

  • Meet Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher
  • Go to the 36th MIBF (because school sucks this year and I had classes when MIBF happened)
  • Paint a mural
  • Meet my crush, (hahahaha, i dunno why but I really want to talk to him at least once, deym.) This is just a joke.
  • Have this really really big book haul where I get at least 20 books ( I kid you not)
  • Paint on a big canvas
  • Win an art competion (Hey, I'm a dreamer ;D )
  • Redesign my blog with my own web design
  • Meet with my pinoy book blogger friends again and more I met!
  • (I'm still thinking of more haha)

My 17th birthday is pretty low key, I didn't really spend my time out of town or with anyone (I was alone in my dorm room, reading, and looking at my haul, which isn't really as sad like everyone would think). And of course, a bookworm's birthday would not be complete without getting books and getting this surprise gift from a bestfriend.

I really really loved my haul right here. I was only supposed to get one but I went ahead and bought two more, then Finding Cinderella was a gift from my dad which was what I've been sharing the week of my birthday, but then I also got to have another new book (This Girl), which is gifted to me as well.

Even though I got so high from getting these new books, I was more happy and shocked of what my bestfriend gave me, lets just say that I was both impressed and shocked with her gift. haha,

So yeah, even though my birthday isn't as grandiose, or elaborate, I know that I pretty much loved that day. Though I'll probably buy more books by the end of the month because I really really want more. hahhaha

So anyways, toodles guys! 
~ Jules


  1. That last banner tho. You look really happy to be there!

    And if you want to meet Colleen and that Fisher author, you really need to go to MIBF! As far as I know, it's around that time that they'll be coming to the Philippines! But really, happy bookish birthday!

    1. YES! HAHA

      I'm actually planning on painting something for COHO and Fisher, when they do come. :) Not sure if I'll go to the signing at MIBF or the seperate one.

  2. Happy belated birthday Jules! Aww, 17! That sounds the perfect way to spend a birthday, I'd rather read than go out partying any day. Wow, that's an awesome stack of books you got. Lucky girl. That photo is so funny, as if you'd be just standing there, you'd launch yourself at them all :D

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday poppet and enjoy your lovely new reads (and boyfriends) LOL <3

    1. I swear. I about stared at my FB feed after seeing this picture. I guess my bestie knows me so well she knew how I would appreciate her gift. :D

  3. Awww happy birthday Jules, I hope you had a fantastic time even though it was a quiet one. You got a really fantastic bundle, I just love Colleen Hoover books so much! Hope you enjoy them :)

    1. I did! I was pretty low key anyway, i just wanted to buy books and eat hahahaha

  4. I love that last photo, Jules. That's something I do for my sisters on their birthdays. Hahahaha!

    Happy birthday, Jules. I'm so glad to be friends with you and I really hope we see each other soon. :)

    1. I don't have any sisters but I'll probably embarass my sisters with dorky photos hahaha

      Thanks Joy! Yes I do hope to meet you soon! :D

  5. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AGAIN, JULES!! <33 *throws confetti* *showers you with chocolate*

    It's super awesome that you have lots of goals that are actually achievable for you. My only goal when I turned 15 was to get taller. And so far it's not happening. :'(

    I can't wait to meet up with you again! Marie Lu? <3

    Seriously, that photo still cracks me up. xD You have some awesome friends, haha! Have an awesome 17th year of your life, girl!


    Jules, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're such a lovable and endearing person and I'm glad I got to met you. You're also so very talented with your paintings ;) I love looking at them! I hope you get to achieve everything in your bucketlist (Even the one with your crush hahahaha). 17 is an awesome time! Go enjoy it, you awesome you!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  7. This is more than a month late but belated Happy Birthday Jules! I hope you had a good one! 17 is so much fun, enjoy it! :D

  8. Happy birthday!! YAY FOR LOVELY BIRTHDAY BOOKS AND BEING 17!! *eats your birthday cake* hehe, that last picture is hilarious. xD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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