May 28, 2014

Idle Chat: Blogger Friendship

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Blogger Friendship

I decided to make this post in a random note because some things are just meant to be shared, and I think this would be able to make at least a few of you happy about blogging :D

I’ve been following and stalking a lot of blogs by now, and the one stand out thing I noticed from these specific bloggers are their interaction and obvious friendship with each other. And its not the usual kind of “bookish” friendship, if I can say. Its more in a personal level.

The first three people I noticed would be Rashika, Faye and Aimee of The Social Potato. I’ve seen Faye ever since I started blogging, and I found Aimee after finding her blog (Deadly Darlings), then met Rashika when she co-blogged @ The Social Potato.

These three people are adorable when they’re together. I have fun reading their blog (even all their comments :D) because you could see just how much these people love being around each other, even if its just online. They have these conversations in twitter that are just so amusing (sorry, I sound like a stalker, :D) and I even have those awww moments when I “stalk” them :)

They all met and had a lot of interactions when Faye recruited them to co-blog at the Social Potato.

And even tho they’ve not co-blogged for a long time, you could see just how close they are. They watch anime together, watch movies together. And they talk in twitter in a daily basis.

Well, Aimee is like a little sister of mine who has a more mature voice than me when I was her age. She's highly critical, outspoken, and a reliable co-blogger. She's cool to talk to, and I love talking about books with her.

Rashika is like another little sister from another father, if that makes sense. She's super eccentric in the best possible way, and is always game for anything. You tell her "Hey I wanna do this" she'd be super willing to do that with you.

Both of these people will have my back and I will always have theirs :D

Faye was probably the one who really pushed and inspired me to be a passionate reviewer. Other than that, she treats me as her younger sister and really supports me whenever there is a need for support. And even if I'm younger than her, she respects me and treats me as an equal.

Rashika is super helpful (recently she helped me on my speech which I nailed) and is hilarious! She always lifts the mood and I adore her easygoing attitude. She's also an alien and she bakes for us.

Both of these girls are amazing and they'll always be there to support me. Of course, I'll be right here when they need me!

What do I say about Faye?

She took me under her wing when I was big a fledgling and she helped me grow into a better blogger and a better reviewer. If it weren't for her, I would probably still be too scared to talk to other bloggers and just communicate with the rest of her community.

In the months I've known her she has become such an important part of my life and honestly I don't know what I'd do without her. She puts up with my demands and my infinite supply of random ideas and she does it with lots of smileys :D

All this cheese is making me feel awkward now so here is a short summary
Rashika---> ooo look a potato. she seems cool. eh i bet she's too cool for me *follows her on GR*
Rashika---> BUT I WANT TO ADD HER. SHE SEEMS COOL. *adds her and mentions something about potatoes in her friend request*
*friend request gets accepted*
Rashika---> SHE COMMENTED ON MY UPDATES? WHAAAA? I thought she'd ignore me after accepting me!
*follows her on twitter*
*gets followed back by her*
Does she like me?
Rashika---> Ooo she wants a co-blogger, should I reply? Should I not?
*opens email in class to see if she got a reply*
*expects rejection but gets accepted*
*attack hugs her friend and blabbers about how she is going to co-blog with this random chick
And so began a beautiful friendship

You know what's funny? We've been blogging together on The Social Potato for almost 6 months and it wasn't until recently that I started interacting with Aimee more and I realized I was missing out on, getting to know this adorable young lady.
She is just so CUTE. Like can I emphasize this? Someday when I meet her I will probably hug her so hard that it'll be hard for her to breathe :P
That aside, she is an absolute pleasure to 'hang out' with. She is full of ideas (kind of like me) and has a lot to say and is just so so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.

*virtually pinches her cheeks*
*hands her a plate of cookies to make up for it*
The next two people I noticed was Kelly from The Diva Booknerd and Dre from Sporadic Reads.

Now, I really really enjoy seeing these girls in my twitter feed. They are both hilarious when they’re together. Seeing their friendship kinda reminds me of my own friendship with my bestfriend. They have the funny and quirky kind of friendship. They always fool around with each other. They greet each other on twitter

They share what’s happening in their personal life, and they even have matching mugs and they're crazy cute together :D

It makes me happy to see these kinds of friendships. Even if they didn't see each other in person (In fact, they are a continent away from each other, technically speaking) they were able to attain this friendship like the way you treat your highschool best friend.

Dre and I met through a street team. We were looking for new members, I recommended her, she joined... And the rest is history. Not only is she kind, intelligent and incredibly funny, but she has this inner light that we tend to flock to like deranged moths. She's not just a girl with a super cool name, but we get each other and I'm really honored to call her a friend.

Kelly is my partner in crime. I think, it's already been established that we are superheroes with matching mugs, and we wear spandex. To tell the difference, she's got a cape, I don't. We both fly, though. She likes to snack on vegemite, which I've never had. 

If she were to be a character in a book, she'd be very kick-ass and would save the people she cares about like nobody's business! She can definitely star in her own dystopian world. (Alongside me, because we're dynamic together.) Move over Juliette Ferrars

What I love about her is her honesty. She says things as it is, no non-sense. I love it! Without ever meeting her in person, I do believe it in my heart that we're really good friends. We've shared a lot of personal stuff about each other, and even from afar, I feel her sincerity when she throws in her two cents. I know that she'll always back me up, and I do have her back. (And if you haven't noticed yet, she's very funny!) I love her to bits!
In the height of all the drama that happened recently, things got a bit sad and tense in the blogging world. But these are the kind of things that would lighten up any book bloggers day. For me, these kind of friendships are the best things about book blogging. Meeting and being close friends with those you interact with. Its nice to receive a high stats, to have a big follower count, but nothing really beats the friendship built with other bloggers.

These kind of friendships can be found everywhere! You may be surprised to how easy it is to find you next bloggy bestfriend. Just remember
  • Be open to possibility - You won't know if he/she will like you unless you try. 
  • Share who you are - Don't be afraid of showing who you are. You'll be surprised by how many would want to know you more
  • Be Polite - Its okay to be true to yourself, but keep in mind the feelings of other bloggers as well.
  • Have fun - Having friends is fun, no questions asked.

That's my idle chat today! I hope you had fun! :D
How about you? Have you had/seen these kind of blogger friendships?


  1. Good grief Jules, I'm all teary now. I love seeing the Social Spuds get together as well, they're all so stinkin' cute.

    Dre may be oceans away, but when we're chatting, it feels like she's in the same room, I could just lean over and pinch her. Everyone needs a Dre in their life... But not mine, get your own :D
    Love this Jules, just beautiful :)

    1. Hahaha, I actually wanted to add more tweets of you and Dre, but they're so many haha :D

  2. Awwwwm this was such a beautiful post, Jules! You're right - as much as I love books and sharing my opinions about them, it is the friendship and relationships that I've built and will continue to build that's truly the highlight of blogging. I've gotten to know so many awesome people (Rashika, Aimee, Dre, Kelly and YOU included) that I wouldn't have been able to meet if it weren't for this. Thank you so much for portraying the real perks of blogging in such a positive light.

    Shout-out to my co-bloggers - you guys are fantastic! And Rashika, you so funny! <3<3

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

    1. Awwww hugs <3
      I wouldn't even know this kind of friendship if it weren't for you guys! <3

  3. This is such a wonderful post JULES!!!! and thank you for organizing it! :D Like I am so glad to know Faye and Aimee actually like me :D But seriously this is such a wonderful way of spreading positivity throughout the community and I cannot wait to see your next post (I really hope there will be more about blogger friendships :P)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

    1. I'm glad that people would appreciate the "positiveness" of blogging with this. I hope I get to post something like this again as well. :)

  4. Yes, I absolutely agree! The friendship aspect of blogging is what I love the most about it. You wouldn't imagine a community like this to be so full of lovely friendships, but it truly is, and that's what makes it such a special and worthwhile community; and I feel like you've captured that so well in this post Jules! <3 Thanks for sharing! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Thanks Zoe! <3 I hope every blogger out there old or new would find their bloggy friends. They all deserve that :D

  5. I would love to find a book blogger friend. It would be somebody besides my sister I could talk about blogging and books. We could spend endless house together on google hangout or skype. I think that would be great. It seems that these friendships just formed slowly over time and they are fun and entertaining to watch the bloggers interact.

    1. Exactly! :D
      I hope you find your blogger friend soon Rachel! It would be great to be in the blogging world with a friend.

  6. CRYING TEARS OF JOY, JULES. Honestly, if I didn't join the girls over at The Social Potato, I wouldn't have made as much friends as I have now. I really look up to both Faye and Rashika, and I'm so glad you're sharing something amazing about book blogging.

    *squishes Jules, Faye, Rashika, Dre, Kelly and EVERYONE in group hug*


      Awww, they know that Aimee! I'm glad that I got to know all you guys :D


    Even though I knew that you were writing about this, I didn't even think that it would bring me such joy. My heart exploded with all those warm fuzzies! I do enjoy gaining new friends online. I do think that being continents apart could hinder a friendship. I'm also glad I met you, Jules! We are friends, too, you know? *hugs*

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad we're friends :D

      Even if I like bad boys more. haha :D

  8. What a wonderful post! I've always been afraid of approaching other bloggers, and sharing about myself on social networks.. But your post was really encouraging! I'll definitely try to be more open with people :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awww I'm glad that you found the courage to connect more with other blogger. I hope you find your bloggy friend soon! Another tip: Always tweet, you'll find lots of people there who'll be eager to be friends with you :)

  9. Blogging friendships are the best! I've known my blogging friend, Cait, for three years and I would have such a sad little life without her. Haha! Seriously though, it would be depressing.

    1. I agree. Blogging with no friends would get boring. :<

  10. I think finding friends through the book blogosphere is definitely wonderful. I know a lot of us talk about books, but when you start to talk to others more, a relationship can grow out of it. I love my blog buddies who I can fangirl with and talk about the randomest things.

    1. True! I mean, books aren't the only things we enjoy it life (but it is the majority of our enjoyment :D)


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