April 30, 2014

Mini-Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover ( 4 Stars )

Blurb from Goodreads:

At twenty-two years old, aspiring musician Sydney Blake has a great life: She’s in college, working a steady job, in love with her wonderful boyfriend, Hunter, and rooming with her good friend, Tori. But everything changes when she discovers Hunter cheating on her with Tori—and she is left trying to decide what to do next.

Sydney becomes captivated by her mysterious neighbor, Ridge Lawson. She can’t take her eyes off him or stop listening to the daily guitar playing he does out on his balcony. She can feel the harmony and vibrations in his music. And there’s something about Sydney that Ridge can’t ignore, either: He seems to have finally found his muse. When their inevitable encounter happens, they soon find themselves needing each other in more ways than one…


When I first got my hands on this novel, I was ecstatic to read it. After reading a lot of C.H’s works. I ended up being a huge fan of her writings. I only gave praises with all of her works, since I loved all of them. I liked this one too, but not that much.

I’ve loved every book that Colleen Hoover has written. But there’s something in Maybe Someday that lacked something for me to love it more. The plot of the book was very different, its not something you get to see all the time so that helped when I was reading it. The pacing was great, the timing to everything that happened was just right.

The characters were pretty likeable too. Warren was one… adorable? Person. Granted he is a bit of douche and he’s weird because he loves watching porn in plain sight, but I think he’s a pretty interesting guy. For a minute, me and Stef thought that he was a fat, sarcastic guy. But I guess he’s hot since Bridgette likes him. Bridgette’s… well… a bitch. She’s mean all right but she was an okay character. I was actually amused with her.

In terms of story and characters. It was great and I loved it. The progress just tugs on the heart. When that happened to Maggie. I felt my heart crushing. But I think what makes this book more lovable is the soundtrack. (YOU GUYS SHOULD CHECK OUT HOLD ON TO YOU AND I’M IN TROUBLE!!)

But even if I did like this a lot. I felt like there was something missing in it. It was lacking something to make me like much more. That reason, I cannot specify.


The plot and the story itself was mesmerizing. The characters were all very adorable. Granted I didn’t like it to the fullest. I still think these are one of C.H’s bestest works.

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Her candid description: 
I'm addicted to and seriously floored by the talent of The Avett Brothers band, which is obvious in both of my books. They are 99% of my playlist. The other 1% being Eminem and Jason Mraz. I love lindor truffles (the white ones with the chips inside) and have an unhealthy addiction to diet pepsi. A serious addiction.

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  1. All those feelings for this book! You got Hoovered, my dear :D

  2. Glad to see that you liked this one overall, Jules. 4 stars is a pretty high rating! I'm envious because you can read this one and plow through with it. With the cheating elements, I don't think I can go far =( That's just a touchy subject for me!

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

    1. I get it. I think its based on the reader, one of my friends cried over this. But I only liked it. :)

  3. Glad you liked it! I read this too and I really liked it. It's awesome that it had a soundtrack :D

    Lovely review <33

    1. The voice in the soundtrack is soooo handsome :3

  4. Seriously, every time we read something it seems like our opinions are COMPLETELY different, Jules! xD There's one thing I have to agree with though: Warren is pretty adorable. :P

    1. Hahaha, I agree. We're polar opposites on some of the books that we've read. I kept thinking of Warren as a fat kid, but I think he's pretty cute :D

  5. I too enjoyed CoHo's other books more. This one sadly didn't work for me at all. Nice to see you had more enjoyment. Great review, Jules! :)

    1. I understand Rachel. Maybe Someday is has a bit of a touchy subject.

  6. Awesome review Jules, I loved this one too. Did you listen to it along with the soundtrack as they composed the songs? It really does create an unforgettable experience. Even with the sensitive issue of cheating, I feel it was one of her best. I think she should be applauded for writing about imperfect relationships, after all, they do exist.


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