March 18, 2014

Idle Chat: DNF Reviewing

DNF Books

Idle chit-chat is a random post I do here @ Jules Bookshelf that talks about stuffy about books, reviewing and blogging.
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If you've been in my blog in the earlier days, you've seen one book that I'd reviewed and it ended up being not so great. In fact, I wanted to put it on my DNF/On-Hold list, but I refrained. DNF means Did Not Finish Books. I don't call it DNF though. I call it my "On Hold List" because I promised myself I will try these books later on. But I have one rule when it comes to "On Hold" books. And that's to never give a final review about them, unless I've already finished it.


Here's a fact. When I'm reading, I tend to get distracted a lot with the events going on in it. That's why I always make notes to make sure I remember why I hated/loved that certain part. This is the main reason why I avoid don't make DNF reviews. Because I want to be fair in every way, and because I tend to be easily distracted and a bit forgetful. Which is vaguely irritating when I'm trying to write a review

What I usually feel when I forget important stuff.
Because of this, I tend to be very considerate when I review a book. I consider everything that happened in the book, from the start to the finish. I can't review books that I did not yet finish because my opinions then are not yet concrete and sure (I tend to like the book in the end, and loving it at first too) . Reviewing DNF books don't necessarily mean that they are bad. I am also not saying that the bloggers who do so are bad. This is only based on my experience in reviewing.

My main example is Just One Day by Gayle Forman. I really wanted to stop reading it. Because I hated how naive the main character was. So naive in fact that I wanted to smack some sense into her. She was very naive and so impulsive and it really pissed me off.

I stopped in the middle of the book because I couldn't take how naive this girl was. But after a few days, I once again tried to read it, and in the end I loved it so much. I appreciated how the author wrote the whole story and understood what it meant.

This is the main reason why I don't review the books I DNF'd. As a reader and reviewer. I've realized that for me to write clearly I have to understand everything that happened and why. I don't have a bad opinion about DNF reviews. I just don't do those kind of reviews. Instead my DNF books are called "on-hold" because I know for sure, I'll read these books... one day. :D

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Well that's my latest Idle Chat for you guys! :D Hope you like it. And because I've suddenly became addicted with Maid-Sama here's the last gif :3

Hope you have a good day today!! :D
How about you? Do you have DNF reviews?


  1. Super kawaii GIFs, Jules! <3 Usui is adorable. ^_^ Anyway, I usually give ebooks until 10% before I decide that the writing doesn't draw me in, and physical copies 100 pages before I quit. If I see a lot of reviews saying the next parts are better, I put them on my "on hold" list. If not, I usually give up on it entirely. But I do see why you wouldn't like to review. Maybe I should also take these intro consideration. :)

    1. I do understand why DNF'ing would be tempting. I just really can't write a coherent review if I haven't read all of it :D

  2. I don't do DNF reviews, either. If I don't finish a book, I just set it aside. If I wanted to read it again, I'll review it when I'm done.

    1. Looks like I'm not the only one huh? :D


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