February 7, 2014

Book Review: This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith (4 Stars)

Blurb from Goodreads:

If fate sent you an email, would you answer?

When teenage movie star Graham Larkin accidentally sends small town girl Ellie O'Neill an email about his pet pig, the two seventeen-year-olds strike up a witty and unforgettable correspondence, discussing everything under the sun, except for their names or backgrounds.

Then Graham finds out that Ellie's Maine hometown is the perfect location for his latest film, and he decides to take their relationship from online to in-person. But can a star as famous as Graham really start a relationship with an ordinary girl like Ellie? And why does Ellie want to avoid the media's spotlight at all costs?


It was shocking for me to actually this book. Because in other days, I might actually cringe over how too sweet and cliche it is. And I mean this in the most nicest way

Okay. So when I first started reading this. I thought it was definitely a light book. a really really light book. And after reading another book that I will not say that possibly depressed me so much. I needed something light and sweet and just plain simple. No added drama. No heartbreaking scenes. No things to scare my super creative imagination. This book definitely did the trick.

It started out as the plot did say. They met through email. Been emailing for a long time now. Guy, completely enamored by this mysterious girl, found a way to try to meet her in a town he doesn't know. And ironically enough the place where he'll shoot is only a few blocks away from where mystery girl works at. Okay... uhm... Let me clarify that I don't hate the book. I'm just being plain and simple. I'm not trying to be sarcastic in making my own version of the blurp.... It just happened like that. Seriously.

So... I'm guess you're wondering. "Why in the hell would Jules even like this thing if its dang cliche?". Well... that truth is I actually appreciated the cliche in it and even though I cringe writing this. Its true. I liked it. I liked it enough to appreciate it though it being cliche-ish. Personally, if you think of it in a more smart way; The book isn't really that big. It was pretty simple. Like those chick-lit movies you could watch in HBO or Starmovies. The characters were okay. I don't love them. But I don't hate them either.

Reading This is What Happy Looks Like would've been a disaster in another day. But on that day(s) when I read it. It was something fresh and wanted. I wanted cute, light, and a girly read. And I found it. I read this book in the perfect place and time. Though I don't know what you would think. And despite it having things that usually pissed me off. I am proud to say that this gave a lot smiles and I'm proud to rate it above 3. :)

* * *

Jennifer E. Smith is the author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, The Storm Makers, You Are Here, and The Comeback Season. She earned her master's degree in creative writing from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and currently works as an editor in New York City. Her writing has been translated into 28 languages.



  1. Really happy you found a book you liked, Jules! I think I'll read this book when I'm done reading heavy stuff :P Light, cute, and girly sounds like an amazing read during a rainy day (not that it has been raining in the PH lately, but I'm sure that'll come soon... haha!)

    Faye @ The Social Potato

    1. It was a good-timing read Faye!! Glad I read it in just the right time.


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