December 8, 2013

Book Review: Resilient by Patricia Vanasse

Resilient by Patricia Vanasse (3.5 Stars)

Blurb from Goodreads:

Livia has never felt like she fits in. As normal as it sounds, Livia is anything but ordinary. She can feel every emotion of every single person around her, and it’s maddening. In pursuit of some psychic quiet, she moves with her family from New York City to Whidbey Island in the lush and sleepy Pacific Northwest. But when a horseback riding accident in her new home gives her a broken leg that heals in a day, she finds that another unexplainable ability has manifested, and her life isn’t about to get any easier.

Adam has no problem fitting in and making friends. In fact, he’s the top of the school, the boy everyone knows and loves. However, people only see what he allows them to. No one knows what Adam is truly capable of. After witnessing Livia’s accident, Adam sees something intriguing in her quick recovery, something that gives him hope that he’s not alone.

Adam is the only one whose emotions Livia can’t read. Afraid of not knowing what goes on behind his dark eyes, Livia decides to keep him at a distance. Yet the more she tries to ignore him, the more alluring he becomes, and while their personal quests for identity will inevitably bring them closer together, it is the confirmation of what they really are that threatens to tear them apart.

Resilient, told in alternating point of views, is a gripping story of survival and romance, in which two teenagers face the consequences of being anything but normal.


It was good. I think it'll go a long way.

Livia has had this "powers" ever since. And yet she's always thought that she's alone with this situation. She thought wrong. After moving to a more quiet place. Livia meets Adam. And they both never thought they could meet someone just like them. But they also did not expect more of who they really are.

I had to admit that this is actually a surprise to me at first. Because I did not expect it to be a science fiction novel. I thought it was a fantasy novel because the cover kinda reminded me of "Beauty and the Beast". As I started reading it, I was a bit in daze. Basically the first part of the book wasn't so exciting other than Livie and Adam meeting. A little friend making is also cute and all, but it was boring at first. But after the first 1/8 of the book. Everything got a little more interesting. From then on, I knew it was going to be a good book.

I liked that it was full of adventure. I liked how mysterious Livia and Adam's powers are. I love the story behind it, I really see potential. But if you ask me if I really really like this book. It would be a no. Don't get me wrong, I did like it. But only in parts. I love the plot. I love the mystery behind it. I love the how it was written. But I don't like all of it. 

If I could change something in it. Maybe I'd add more personality to the characters. I get them a lot. And yes, as a teen I could relate to them. But sometime they just felt so... dull. There were scenes where I could see who they are. But most of the time, I just couldn't see any sparks of personality in them. I think in simpler words. They kinda felt safe. Like they're in the middle of being liked and being hated. And it was also a bit boring in the middle.

But even though I did not like some things in it. I am really anticipating the sequel. I think it will be much more exciting and full of action. Resilient isn't a perfect novel. But it is a great series in the making :D


It might be sketchy at first. But Resilient has something in it that draws you in. I cannot wait to read the second book. I am confident that the next will be great :D

* * *


Patricia Vanasse was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now she lives on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two adorable children, and two crazy dogs. She has been trough Culinary Arts, Psychology, Law School, and now has finally found her passion in creative writing. She also loves traveling, cooking, and is an avid reader. Her strength- believes that everything is possible. Her weakness- an obsessive relationship with caffeine.


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