December 21, 2013

A long overdue hiatus


Hello guys. 

I've written this post just to clarify that yes. I am still alive. And that I am still going to write reviews and all that stuff. December isn't really fitting with my schedule, in fact the past three months has not been agreeing with me. Now I don't want to rant about it anyway. Because well... I just don't feel like ranting. BUT! I will be sharing with you guys what you'd expect from me and the blog this next year.

I am actually thinking of having a new blog design. I found that black isn't really the most appealing color. Especially when you read blog posts. By January next year, Jules Bookshelf will have a new look. One things for sure though. Everything will be lighter. White? XD

Most of you, might or might not know. But I am a guest reviewer for Say it With Books <3
I was lucky enough to be chosen by Nuz to be her new guest reviewer. I've not done a lot of review yet because of my hectic schedule, but next year, I'm hoping that I will be posting more reviews and other post up in Nuz's blog.

These are the books that I will be reviewing in an indefinite schedule. Not sure if I'll be posting these any time soon. I think you would be seeing my reviews of these next year :)

  • Chosen at Nightfall by C.C Hunter (3 stars) : Its kinda sad to see the cliche but okay ending. Already reviewed :)
  • Kill me Softly by Sarah Cross (5 stars) : I really really heart this book. Fairy tales for the win!
  • The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (5 stars) & The Redemption of Callie and Kayden (4 stars) by Jessica Sorensen : This book pretty much squeazed my heart with how sad it was. But nevertheless, I love it <3
And for the info of those who want to know. I will be completely MIA on my blog for the next days of December, off to go to my relatives for the holidays. You might see glimpses of me on GR or Twitter but I don't think I'll be online for a long time. Unless its looking up Feel more on facebook :>

So long guys!! Happy holidays and long reading nights :D


  1. I have been mia the whole summer, so I know how it feels when you just need a break to get your hectic life in order. Don't stress yourself. And Happy Holidays! :)

    1. Thanks Anatea! I think I'll just spend the holidays reading more XD and Merry Christmas to you! :D


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