November 9, 2013

Idle Chat: The Crucial Co-Blogger/Co-Reviewer

My opinion about Co-Blogging and Co-reviewing

Recently, I've seen a lot of my blogging friends have been open to the idea of having a co-blogger or co-reviewer. A lot of them are people who have tight schedules and are having a hard time balancing life and maintaining their blog.

In all honesty, I've also thought of having co-reviewers for my blog. I don't fancy having a co-blogger because I'm more protective than a big mamma bear. My blog isn't just a blog that I rant to. Its become a place where people could understand why I love books so much. But recently, I've been having a hard time, not just reviewing books but also reading it. Especially because I need to have high grades for my college applications and what not's. But I am indeed open to have co-reviewers someday.

I'm not into Co-blogging (for my blog) but recently I've seen that co-bloggers are very efficient and passionate with blogging. But sometimes I miss the actual blogger. It doesn't mean that I don't like the co-bloggers mind you (in fact all the co-bloggers I found are actually very awesome), its just that I've grown fond of the original blogger's opinion and taste in books, that I crave for their posts. You know what I mean?

But in addition to co-blogging. I think its pretty awesome to have a partner in blogging. It gets even better because the workload of trying to maintain your blog is less hard with each other's help. Plus, it also helps if the other blogger is from a different place (like a different continent or country) because you see the opinion of a reader from a completely different place. But its more special if your co-blogger is someone you know personally. Wouldn't it be awesome if get to go to book fairs and singings with your co-blogger. That would be a great experience I'm sure. :)

But I think the most benefit you get from co-blogging/co-reviewing is the diversity it offers for your blog. If you want your blog to be read by every age bracket it helps that the books you review are in wide range. Personally, I don't review a lot of adult and NA books here at Jules Bookshelf because I'm still just a kid. I'll read them in my own time. But I have to admit that I like reading reviews about NA novels because it gives me an idea if I could read and review it for my blog.

Co-Reviewing is best, I think, If you want to still have complete control with your blog and still have the diversity of having a co-blogger. I don't really know what is the main rules and to do's and don'ts of co-reviewing and co-blogging. But this is just my opinion about it, based from what I've seen from other blogs out there.

Overall. Co-Blogging and Co-reviewing can be beneficial based on how it goes. For all my friends out there looking for their blogging partners, I wish you the best. I hope that you've understood my take about this topic (and I do hope I didn't hurt anybody's feelings. I wouldn't want anybody hurt) and happy day to everyone. 

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