November 15, 2013

Book Boyfriend: Andrew Parrish

Andrew Parrish

I've always loved Andrew Parrish ever since I started reading The Edge of Never earlier this year. Let me tell you I cried a river of tears because of what happened back then (My review here). So let me tell you the anatomy of the gorgeous human, Andrew Parrish.

What is there about Andrew Parrish?

Andrew is someone who's not afraid to raise some eyebrows. He's unique, fearless and daring. He has the looks but he doesn't like it when people call him on that.

I love him mainly because...

I love him because he is Andrew Parrish. He had made such a big character in him that he is his own unique brand. I have to admit ever since I knew about him, I had it bad. I love everything about him because he has my most wanted qualities in a guy.

What I like about him?

Let's see.... uhm... can I just say that I like everything about him? :)

Well specifically, what made Andrew much more admirable for me is because he has the traits that I find attractive in a guy.
  1. Has the bad boy look.
  2. Insanely beautiful grin/smile.
  3. Sometimes perverted/mischievous.
  4. Has a sense of humor.
  5. Can sing, and play an instrument.
  6. Has the most caring heart.
  7. Unique.
  8. Brave.
I'm kinda having a hard time pinpointing what I like about him.  (There's just so many :D)

What I don't like about him?

That's my problem, I don't really have anything to hate him for. Yes, he's arrogant and a bit of a pervert. But I guess that's a part of his charm. I can never imagine him being Andrew without these traits.

Best physical description I have about him.

Uhmm... I'm kinda at separates in opinion here. The guy in the cover photo has the face I could imagine for Andrew. But I think he has a more sharper nose. Oh, and I think Adam Levine's stubble is perfect for Andrew.

Describe him in three words?

Unique. Unforgettable. Deep.

* * *

Well... That is one of my most memorable book boyfriends. Thanks for reading. Check out my next rant okay? :D


  1. Andrew Parrish was quite lovely! Excellent crush material, Julianne! :)

    1. I know Rach ;) I am so happy with it. Just finished Edge of Always and it was awwwesome :3


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