October 30, 2013

Idle Chat: What kind of Reader are you? + Babble

Hi Guys!!!

So most of you might or might not know this but I had my birthday yesterday :D October 29. Its not really that big of a celebration. But because of it, I got books from my awesome parents :)

my small haul :)
And to to something for my birthday post. I decided to have a little chat with you guys, my awesome readers

What kind of a reader are you?

Reading is definitely a diverse experience for me. I love books, and as much as possible I try to read any kind of YA novel I could get. This goes with NA and Adult novels, but I am still trying to get used to these kind of novels.

I only just realized that I tend to be a specific reader. While I was talking to my reading buddy Stef. She commented that I have been too much emotional books. I disagreed for a while but then she said this.

Stef: Okay then, what are your favorite books?
Jules: Slammed, Point of Retreat, The Edge of Never, and Me Before You.
Stef: Okay then, why did you choose them?
Jules: Because these books made me cr---.
Stef: See what I mean?

I dawned me that I was indeed a drama queen when it comes to books. I tend to be more attracted to books that will make me cry or a book that have a tragic twist to it. Don't get me wrong I hate drama, I hate it in my real life, I hate it in T.V and I definitely hate it in reality T.V. But when it comes to books, I relish it. This goes with romance as well. Its obvious itself since I have a Book Boyfriend List and post dedicated for my blog. I love romance. I love seeing two characters fall in love and how their love will prevail. I'm a born hopeless romantic. So I am more attracted to romance novels above else.

Well that's me. How about you? What kind of a reader are you?


  1. I'm definitely an emotional reader. No doubt about that. I cry at all touching stuff. Even the little ones. I cry easily. But I'm not ashamed of it. It makes me feel, anyway. And hey! Those are my favorites too! Except for The Edge of Never. Haven't read that.

    Happy Belated Birthday! Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a must-read. It's simply awesome! :D

    Nina @ The Bookish Confections

    1. Thank Nina, my friend Nuz also said that. Can't wait to read it too :D

      Hi five to being emotional readers! I'm always gonna be emotional when it comes to books. That's why I loved reading alone. When I'm with people they see how weird I react with books :D

  2. My birthday is three days earlier from yours :D

    TBH, I don't like contemporary, drama, and chick lit. I don't enjoy reading them. Most of my books are either fantasy, dystopia, scifi, paranormal and such. If there's some magic and sci fi elements, then I'm digging it!

    1. I get that! At first all I read were fantasy and dystopian novels, but after a few months of reading only that, I got bored. I guess I love diversity when it comes to books.


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