October 7, 2013

Book Review: For the Love of a Vampire by M. Leighton

For the Love of a Vampire by M. Leighton (2.5 Stars)

Blurb from Goodreads:

Like most seventeen year olds, Ridley Heller thought she had her future all planned out. What she wanted most in life was to get out of small town Harker. Her only goal was to keep her mouth shut and her grades high so she could win a cheerleading scholarship to Stanford. But that was before she met Bo.

In Ridley’s wildest dreams, she could never have planned for someone like Bo, for a love so intense it left her breathless. No human girl could.

A haunting stranger that watched her from afar, Bo stole Ridley’s heart from the moment she laid eyes on him. But he has secrets. Bo’s a vampire. Both his past and his present are a danger to Ridley, but the biggest threat is not her blood; it’s her heart. He’s feeding a thirst for revenge that will cost him his life, and it may already be too late.

The more darkness Ridley uncovers, the more she realizes that her life will never be the same—with or without Bo. Can she sacrifice her future and her heart for someone who has a death wish?

Why? is this like this...


I thought this was different... what happened?

Ridley's life is changing. With Bo's coming to her school and her life, Ridley finds her life changing and turning to a whole different angle. What is it about Bo that draws her in? What is he hiding?

The main reason why I wanted to read this book is because of how many people seemed to like it despite it being the usual "twilight" kinda book. And I honestly wanted to read something about vampires again so I chose to read this.

I am so disappointed.

For the first part of the book, I have done nothing but be pissed at the story. Sorry to say but it looked like the Twilight movie only this time. Bo comes to school but it was so obvious what happened already and then completely changed Ridley's normal life. Everything, one by one started to change. Her disposition changed, her relationship with her boyfriend became duller, almost everything changed. That is what pissed me off, sorry I know this Bo is very mysterious, and yes I could imagine myself swooning for his enigmatic looks but I wouldn't think of him every single minute of everyday. That's probably what made me dislike the book. I don't like how it was all sappy with the love story. I'm not gonna go into specific details but this was how the cycle of the story went on. Girl liked to be with Mysterious boy, boy sometimes goes with girl, then disapears (most of the time), then pops back in, if some guy is near girl. And blahblahblahblah.

The heck?! I mean why did that just happen?!

This went on and on and on 3/4th's through the book. Ugh. If it wasn't as interesting and intriguing it was, I'd probably just rate this badly, as in a one. The plot was so simple, I've probably predicted a lot of things that actually happened here and the pacing goodness I just wanted it to finish already and not in a good way.

It was as if, the girl had bipolar disease, wherein in some scenes I see her as a tough cookie and in the next she's too shy and nervous. It lacked the consistency I crave in books, and the bar was risen too high for me to try and not be upset with this book.

I also have a problem with the characters. Ridley is too mary-sue for my taste. I've been the kind of reader that usually accepts and tolerates mary-sue characters. But this is just too much. I am glad though that she didn't stay like this too long, by the end of the book her mary-sue-ness is toned a bit, just a bit.

Bo. Gawed. Bo. What is it about Bo?

Sorry for being mean but I just don't see a handsome, beautiful guy when I see Bo. I mean c'mon. The only thing I understood about him is that he beautiful brown eyes. That's it. Not really something I could play with. And... maybe because I just didn't understand how "attractive" he was.


I don't really know what to think about with this book. If it weren't intriguing, mysterious and suspenseful. I'd probably won't like it at all. BUT. Its not a REALLY BAD BOOK. Just... ugh... meh.... yeah... meh.


  1. Oh too bad you couldnt enjoy this one =[ I actually really loved this book. I just thought it was super sweet. Thanks for the honest review.

  2. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy this book Julianne, there seems to be so many books that follow the Twilight path, that I've always found it difficult to give a paranormal read a go. I hope your next book is a lot more enjoyable! :)


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