October 12, 2013

Book Boyfriend: Will Traynor

I decided I needed some other way other than a review to rant about my book boyfriends. So, I'll start with my most recent which is Will Traynor.

Will Traynor

I've just finished the book two days as of now and I tell you that I still haven't gotten over Will and how I loved him unlike most book boyfriends I had.

What is there about Will?

I love him for everything he is. He has this looks that could make you swoon like crazy; even though he's in a wheelchair, I was still charmed by him. I love how witty and humorous he was. I'm sucker for these kind of guys actually.

What I liked best about him

In the situation that he's in. He's not exactly the type of guy that is "jock body material". But I didn't even give half a mind of his appearance because I just love who he is as a character. I loved him especially because of how smart and witty he was. He was sharp, quick to answer and a great debater. He may not be the most appealing to the eye. (In terms of body, but he is pretty handsome ;D) but he's definitely appealing because of how smart he is.

What I didn't like about him

I love almost everything about him, but I just wished that he didn't do what he planned (Can't tell 'cuz that will be a huge spoiler). Highlight for more info (a few spoilers) I was hurt that he had not accepted Lou, not because I think its a douchebag move (though it is), I just think that he would've been happy. That's better than nothing

Something to Describe Him

Unexpected. Unpredictable. Mysterious.

* * *
Well those is my first Book Boyfriend post. Till next time :D


  1. I just finished this book, and I'm flooded with so many emotions, its not funny. It hurts. I agree with everything you say about him. I'm charmed by Will, his personality and all but the same time angry at him too. But his decision was understandable though. I wished he had given lou a chance :(

    1. YES!! My ghad, when IT happened,. the only thing I could do was cry. Because even if what he did wasn't what I wanted, I knew that it was only way that he could have "peace" so we speak. We all wish they had a HEA, but that's what made this book beautiful i think :)


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