September 14, 2013

Reader Life Status

4th Year HS is haaaard. ><

Yeah. I'm busy. Uber busy.

Other than handling our School Pageant (I'm part of the arts club in our school), I'm preparing my admissions for different universities as well as these super stress making projects that all piled up.

  • I'm striving to get to my top three choices. Which is Mapua, Asia Pacific and St. Benilde. They all have the best Multimedia Arts Curriculum in Manila.
  • Mr. and Ms. II is going on this month. So I may not be busy with entrance exams or studies. I might be busy with this.
  • I'm getting addicted with my PSP again. So hehe yeah... this is my biggest distraction.
  • I wish I could just read my e-reader while at school, but it will get confiscated so no can do.
  • I'm too tired at times to even write a review.
Well yeah. I feel like a bad person. I can't handle my blog in a more normal basis right now. I'm trying to post my reviews at Goodreads because its easier to write mini reviews right now. I'll try to stabilize my sched, but for now Adios Amigos!!

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