September 28, 2013

Book Review: Emma by Jodie B. Cooper

Emma by Jodie B. Cooper (3.5 Stars)

This book is given to me by the author in exchange for a honest review. My receiving a copy, does not in any way affect my rating or review for the book.

Blurb from Goodreads:
When worlds collide, myths become reality.

Dragons, vampires and other mythical creatures suddenly find themselves on Earth. Thousands are dead and war looms on the horizon.

For Emma, life is no longer perfect, not with monsters out of legend appearing in the forest behind her house.

When Tyler sets his eyes in her direction, she knows the bloodthirsty creatures (trying to kill her) are the least of her worries, especially when her blood heats to the boiling point every time the gorgeous shape shifter looks her way.

Too late, she realizes having a dragon’s unwavering attention is a dangerous place to be, because there is a fine line between attraction and prey.

Death is no longer in her distant future, it haunts her every move.


Wow… I’m definitely overwhelmed.

In a world where a new world merges with ordinary human life, Emma stumbles upon creatures she never thought were to be real. Its already horrifying to see vampires, zombies, pixies, and furies roam her once normal world. Its just a bit more of a surprise that she’s mated… to a dragon.

Uhm… I don’t really know how I’m going to describe this book. I’m still torn with me loving it entirely or really not understanding it at all.

As I was starting to read it, I was overwhelmed with how technical it was. There was so much info that was explained in the first quarter of the book that I didn’t quite understood. I had to try and catch up with the story because one paragraph might talk about technicalities of this whole new different world, then the next would talk about its history and etcetera, etcetera.

By this part, I kinda stopped reading it for a while. I was too bombarded with so much info that it felt like a whole lesson I endure at school. Though after a few chapters all that info came together, which I appreciated. As I got past this problem, I found other things about this book that either I hated or loved about the book. I hated that there was this love-at-first-sight thing with Emma and Tyler, but at the same time I loved it because they didn’t really just fell in love with each other. They had this time period where they just had a lot of arguments. I’m glad that they actually tried to understand their feelings for each other. But I still say that the whole insta-love and “mating” wasn’t really something I loved about the book.

I didn’t particularly like the style of writing. I don’t hate it per se, something’s just off with it. And I have contradicting feelings with this too. Sometimes the writing was great for that scene but not really appropriate for the next one. I also wished that the POV was different. The book was written in a third person’s view both in Emma and Tyler’s POV. I think it would have given a much more charming character if it was written in a first person’s view. The third person’s view writing is also a bit unsettling since I more than often don’t understand what the situation is until I read at least three paragraphs.

The pacing was meh. It wasn’t really written in a pace that I appreciate, but I understood the story well even in a pacing style I’m not familiar with. The characters were also a mesh of good and bad. Emma was cute and a bit over exaggerated at times. Her humor seemed a bit natural, but not all the time. Tyler was the same, at first I was frustrated with him because of how obtuse he was of Emma’s feelings, but I loved his possessiveness over Emma. He did a lot of things that either made me swoon or pissed. I guess my overall problem of the characters was there inconsistency in character, attitude and actions.

So I’m sure you’re thinking. Since I had a lot things that gives me reason to not like this book. Specifically, I had a lot of contradicting situations that made me love and hate the book so much, it pissed me off. The characters weren’t my most favorite people. The plot, the TMI writing, etcetera, etcetera.

Yes, I do have a lot of reasons to not give this book a high rating or even a passing rating. But that doesn’t mean it’s a horrible book. In fact I see potential. That is the greatest reason I have to still give it a good rating and to finish the book. Sure it might be a bit different compared to other books. Yes, its imperfect, but what book isn’t. But despite that, I see a lot of potential for it to be a great novel. More often than not it reminded me of other books I’ve read that dealt with magical lands and creatures. It just needs a little more polish in my opinion. I loved reading it. It was engaging, it was magical, it was… whimsical. It had a lot of great components for me to still finish the book and end up liking it enough.


I believe that this book deserves a chance. I’m usually sure of what I feel of the books I’ve read. This made me torn over my final decision. But in the end, I know that it just needs more polishing, more refinement for it to be great novel. Its not far from great fantasy novels out there. I think it just needs chance to really be appreciated. :D


Jodie has lived in Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. She currently lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
She loves writing, but doesn't have enough time to write all the stories bouncing around in her head. She has a very thick folder of all the stories she wants to write. Perhaps one day, she'll manage to get through half the folder. :)
When she isn't writing, she loves reading.

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