August 22, 2013

Book Review: Second Chance by Katie Kacvinsky

Second Chance by Katie Kacvinsky (5 Star)

Amazing. Just... mesmerizing.

Blurb from Goodreads:
Can two drastically different, imperfect people be perfect for each other?

It’s been four months since Gray and Dylan have seen each other. Dylan’s been traveling in Europe, while Gray has college, baseball, and a life rooted in one place. Gray’s determined to forget Dylan, the girl he fell in love with in First Comes Love. Besides, how do you make a relationship work with an independent loner?

Just when he decides he’s over her, Dylan makes an unexpected entrance back into his life, hoping their steamy romance can start right where it left off. Gray realizes you can tell your mind to do one thing, but you can’t always convince your heart to follow. Dylan realizes she finally has to make a choice between freedom and her relationship with Gray.

Hilarious, intense, inspiring, and emotional, Second Chance shows that love is a journey, and there are never clear road signs or maps to guide you along. You can only navigate with your heart.


Four months of separation, Gray is heartbroken and bitter over Dylan. Who's missing him as well, but with more sweet expectations. When Dylan decides to go to Gray, to go back home, she didn't expect her to be very happy, but she's surprised by his cold hostility. Can she stay for Gray? And will Gray accept her in life; even with the knowledge that she's just go away eventually?

This was definitely unexpected, when I read First Comes Love, I fell in love with it, and it was such a memorable book. Reading Second Chance was refreshing since I saw a whole different side of the characters. The new plot of the story was definitely different with the first book, but its just as beautifully written as the first one. The writing style was beautiful, I was glad that the pacing was not rash, Katie didn’t bother really torturing exciting me with all the craziness that’s happening in the story. But most of all, I loved that this really showed a beautiful message about love and the characters in general.

Dylan is amazing. I love her, I adore her, I admire her for being fearless, for not being afraid to be different and unique. I admired her mostly for being such a stand out character. I’ve never read someone like her, how she thinks, how she talks and acts. Everything about her is different, its not mainstream. I loved that Katie didn’t try and match her with other heroines out there. This is probably the best reason I have why I love Dylan so much. And the way she thinks, though different is very logical and true.

Gray I didn’t think I would fall in love with him anymore than when I did before. He’s definitely a character. I admired how he was written, true and raw. I loved that when I read about how he felt, its as if I’m the one who’s hurt, bitter and sad. I saw how much he really loved Dylan, how he memorized what Dylan is. He saw right through her, he saw and felt who Dylan was. This moved me so much that my heart ached.

(I don’t want to be a spoiler, but its hard to write a review about this book without mentioning why its amazing, so please skip this paragraph if you don’t want a spoiler.)

Dylan loved Gray so much, that she was willing to stop travelling for him, so that she could be there for him. That’s a great love everyone. Releasing something you love in order to be there for someone you love is a great step, no matter how in love you are with a person. And of course Gray loves Dylan equally as much that he broke up with her, just so she could be happy again, traveling, being different, being her. Despite the heartache of not being with her, he would rather see her happy, to see how her eyes shine in an adventure. He was willing to accept his life to be different without her, if it means her being happy and free. It was touching how these two love each other.

That’s what made Second Chance such an amazing book. It taught a great deal about what love really is. That love is unorganized, it just happens, and love can make you do even the most hurtful things to those around you, and to yourself. Love is about letting go. Its about thinking what would make who you love, happy and free. Most importantly, love is something that makes you a greater person.

Katie Kacvinsky wrote a beautiful novel. First Comes Love is an amazing novel I would never forget, but Second Chance is breathtaking. It once again taught me a great deal about love, life and friends. I admire Katie for her amazing talent, for sharing such a beautiful story that can touch readers everywhere. I am honored to read the series. And I give you my applause because of what great message you shared to me, and to your other readers.


In a nutshell, Second Chance is a breathtaking read that will sure make you remember how life is beautiful if you live it. How love can change you, how it would make you a better person. How you love can accept even the most different person.

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