June 30, 2013

Idle Chat: Where I read, When I read, How I read

Where I read, When I read, How I read.

So, Its been a long time since I had something to talk about, and since I haven't finished reading Immortal Rules yet, I might as well share the where's, when's, and how's in my reading.

Where I read

I could read anywhere, even in the most noisiest places. I read both paperbacks/hardbacks and using my e-reader. Since I bring either of the three most of the time, I would read everywhere as long as its comfortable, well lit, and spacious. I don't like reading when I'm all hot and sweaty (which is pretty hard since I live in a tropical country), but as long as I feel like it, I can read almost everywhere.

When I read

I read almost all the time, whenever I'm bored, inspired, or even tired. I could always squeeze a few minutes of my time to reading. Though I have limited free time now, with all my other responsibilities. I always find time to read. The times I don't have time to read would be when I'm at school, when I'm sick, or if I'm still hung over a book I've read recently.

How I read

I read in a fast manner, most people get shocked over how fast I could finish a book, just in a span of a week, (I can read 3 book or 2 in a week, in a busy schedule). Other than being a fast reader, I usually appreciate books that are engaging and interesting, if it turns out to lack the kind of character that could keep me reading, I could easily put it my to "to hold" list.

* * *

So yeah, those are the things about my reading, how about you? Where, when and how do YOU read?

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  1. I read super fast too! If the book is exceptionally engaging I can read it one sitting! :D
    I prefer reading in bed. I wish I could read while travelling but I get all nauseous so I don't do that anymore. :(


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