June 7, 2013

Book Review: This Girl by Colleen Hoover

This Girl by Colleen Hoover (5 Stars)

I didn't know I could possibly love Will more than I already did. <3

Blurb from Goodreads:
There are two sides to every love story. Now hear Will’s.Colleen Hoover’s New York Times bestselling Slammed series has brought countless readers to their knees with a whirlwind of love, passion, and heartache.
Layken and Will’s love has managed to withstand the toughest of circumstances and the young lovers, now married, are beginning to feel safe and secure in their union. As much as Layken relishes their new life together, she finds herself wanting to know everything there is to know about her husband, even though Will makes it clear he prefers to keep the painful memories of the past where they belong. Still, he can’t resist his wife’s pleas and so he begins to untangle his side of the story, revealing for the first time his most intimate feelings and thoughts, retelling both the good and bad moments, and sharing a few shocking confessions of his own from the time when they first met.
In This Girl, Will tells the story of their complicated relationship from his point of view. Their future rests on how well they deal with the past in this final installment of the beloved Slammed 


I've read Slammed and Point of Retreat. Loved them both, cried at the end in both books. Fell in love with the characters twice. But Will made me love him thrice.

They're married. They're finally married. But now Will has a story to share, for Lake. He'll go back to the painful and happiest memories from the past. Just for Lake.

I'm always fascinated when a book is written in the guy's POV. There's that rawness, and simple thoughts that they had. And maybe because I'm not a boy and I'm just dang curious what's in a boy's head XD. And I was certainly interested in getting into Will Cooper's head. Reading their story, gave me gazillions of butterflies and loud, girly shrieks. That happened A LOT with This Girl.

Reading This Girl was a much more sweeter experience because it shares Will's POV from Slammed. I was kinda worried that Colleen would just tell Slammed just in Will's POV, but I'm glad that it tells moments from both past and the future. In a way reading this book gave a revelation and confirmations for me. I always knew that Will loved Lake so so much. But I was really curious what made him do the things he did, especially things that he did that made me so pissed at him. Not only did I get to see what's his true intent, I also saw another great reason to love Will Cooper more.

Will Cooper is the most self-less guy ever! I am truly in awe of him. The way he sacrificed his own desires for Layken's own good was just... I'm just totally speechless of him. I already had a dozen things to like and love about Will, but it was magnified with knowing what he thought. He's so devoted to his family that it warms and breaks my heart at the same time. I love that he accepted Kel like he was his own brother. I loved how he took care of Julia and how he respected her. I really really love him a lot, for still trying to be friends with Lake, so that they could go back to normal, because he wanted his brother to be happy. Yet for his family, he also sacrificed a lot of things. His youth, college, ex-girlfriend, and especially Lake. His love for his only family left, his brother, made him leave Lake, even if it hurt him.

Another thing that made me love him even more was that he was the most thoughtful guy ever. I already saw this before, but his actions was made more significant by his inner thoughts. No matter how angry, how upset, how sad he felt. He always thought of what was best for Lake. Sure he made mistakes but he always did what's best for her. He always thought Lake's feelings, he tried to understand her situation. His understanding and thoughtfulness made me love him so much more.

Then there's the ending that super sweet. Sweet that it happened. It felt like Slammed is really coming to an end. Its sad, yes but I definitely think its the most perfect ending.


 I don't just recommend This Girl. I recommend that you read all of the Slammed Series. It gave me a lot of things to think about, it showed how significant understanding, trust and friendship is in a relationship. It made me feel dozen kinds of emotions. Even though I'm sad that their story has ended. I still thank Colleen Hoover. So, so, so much for sharing such an amazing book.


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I'm addicted to and seriously floored by the talent of The Avett Brothers band, which is obvious in both of my books. They are 99% of my playlist. The other 1% being Eminem and Jason Mraz. I love lindor truffles (the white ones with the chips inside) and have an unhealthy addiction to diet pepsi. A serious addiction.

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