May 6, 2013

Idle Chit-Chats: Addiction towards Series

Addiction toward Series

So, Its also been a long time since I've wrote things like this, and I think with my lack of reading lately. I've missed writing in my blog. >.<

So, lately I've been reading a few post from the blogs that I've been following when I saw one post from Nancy from Tumbling Books. That certain post from her, is actually how she explained how she was a "series quitter". All of her reasons are reasonable, but while reading it I found my own reasons why I like reading series.

I've always been addicted to series. I found myself constantly wanting to read the sequel if its already available. I consider it a bad habit of mine since that because of that certain trait I couldn't concentrate on reading other series. One of my examples would be The Mortal Instruments, I remember reading all of the books straight. I didn't try to read other books because I was just too addicted with it.

I'll go give you all of the reasons about my trait.

1.) I hate waiting for what's going to happen
I have no patience when it comes to the story. As much as I want to savor the story, I tend to finish a sequel on one sitting because of my eagerness to finish it. I hate agonizing and curiosity. So my mindset is always, "Why wait?"

2.) I love seeing how the love story progresses
Whether they break up, get married, get kids, or other things. I want to know it. I tend to obsess over the characters, which usually drives me to finish a book. Like when I started reading Crash (BTW you should definitely check that series out! I looooooooved everything about it) I swear, everybody in the whole house was already asleep, and yet there I was in bed, still reading Crash.

3.) I get queasy when I stop reading a certain sequel
Call it a weird drive or any other thing. But whenever I read a book and loved it. I get squeamish whenever I finish reading. Withdrawal is never a good feeling, and the only way for me to stop feeling that would be to read the next sequel.

4.) Giving a challenge
Call it weird or anything, but I love to see if the author can continue making a series that would still hold my interest. Though I am a series addict. I also tend to get impatient.

So yeah, basically those are the reasons why I'm a series addict. How about you, what's your take about series?


  1. I'm the same! But I often try to read series that already had all the books released, as otherwise I die from anxiety! I'm currently reading City of Bones... You read that one?? :)

    Ruby @

    1. Hahaha true. The waiting is the most agonizing part. :D, yes I've read City of Bones, I loved it. A LOT.

  2. I have love-hate relationship with Series but all of the books I own are actually all serialized! The thing is, I love series books because it allows me as the reader to explore the world and the characters of the story for a long time. What I hate about is that I have to wait for almost a year for the sequel.

    I also noticed that these days, authors been keeping their series longer than it's supposed to be. For example, I'm reading this one series which is supposed to be 3 books only but before the release of the 3rd book, the author announced that it will extend the story with 4 books! I would have been fine with it if the 3rd book was awesome but no, it was so short and nothing much happened. It was a waste of money and time. >.<

    Another thing I hate about series is if it has more than 4 books.. I think the longest series that I have read so far is Harry Potter and Vampire Academy. I used to read House of Night series but after learning that it will have 9 books in the series, I dropped it instantly. I don't have the patience to wait for 9 years to finish a story. PS: I checked it at Goodreads and it has 12 books. CRAZY!!

    1. I understand the house of night thing. I've stopped reading it after the 6th book. It gets tiring when the series is too long, and if the story isn't engaging. Being a series addict is definitely a love-hate relationship.


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