May 19, 2013

Book Review: Touch by Melissa Haag

Touch by Melissa Hagg (3 Stars)

I have received a copy of the book in exchange for a honest and fair review. My receiving a copy does not change any opinion I have of the book.

It was great. I loved it, but not that quite.

A touch. That’s all it takes for Tessa to know her future with a boy. Her mom tells her she needs to choose her best option before she turns seventeen. Problem is, she sees all her ‘options’ dying before they turn thirty. That may have worked for the last fourteen generations of women in her family tree, but she can’t choose and condemn someone to an early grave.
An unfortunate incident at school starts a chain of events that reveals a centuries old chaos demon and a chance to remove her ‘gift’ forever.


Touch is something different from most books that I've already read. When I first read the synopsis, I had a feeling that I would enjoy this book, and I did. But not that much.

Tessa has to choose, she knows she has too. But can she risk a life? Tessa has grown up, with all the rules that she has to follow written a book. Even though she doesn't know the reasons, she followed them, that is until she met Morik. But the question is, can she trust Morik?

When it comes to the Plot, the book was an obvious hit, I encountered books that talks about death at a touch, but never this kind of gift. It was something new to me, the whole choosing and the rules that were laid out were a complete mystery. The pacing however, is agony for me. It felt like I've been reading for days, which was the case. I can't blame the book THAT much, because I had to admit that I enjoyed reading it, but I felt strained to read it.

I only ever loved three of the characters in the book. Specifically they would be Morik, Gran and Aunt Danielle. Morik is the type of guy that anybody could like because he's a good-natured kind of guy. Sure his appearance is scary (Kinda reminds me of beast in the disney movies), I liked him a lot because he was a really really good guy, he's all kinds of caring, understanding and sweet. Add the fact that he's a tad bit protective only made me like him more. He's one of those characters that you would automatically love just because.

Then there's Gran. She's just a dearie, I loved how she was always there for Tessa. How she understands Tessa, how she just knows what will make Tessa happy. Kinda reminds me of my own grandmother (except Gran is actually Tessa's GREAT grandmother). Aunt Danielle really made me laugh, her bluntness and fun personality made me love her a lot. Plus, even though she's corporeal, there's something lively about her.

But even though I did enjoy the book a little, even though I loved the other three characters, even though the love story was cute and sweet. I don't really liked it enough to give it anymore than a three.


Overall, I liked reading Touch. Though I didn't love it, I still enjoyed reading it. It was a sweet, different kind of book. And its definitely something you should try, who knows maybe you'll like it more than I did :D

* * *

Melissa Haag currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. Touch is her first published novel. She is currently working on book three of a separate five book series. To learn more about her upcoming projects, visit her at:


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