April 24, 2013

On the Spotlight: Jacksgap | Jack and Finn Harries

On the Spotlight #2: Youtuber(s): Jacksgap | Jack and Finn Harries

So hello guys! This will be my latest O.t.S since decades! So I hope that you would like this very attractive men that I will introduce to you. :D

Meet my VIRTUAL boyfriend/boyfriendsssssssssss XD, but seriously, that's just a little delusion of mine. Please do not hate me.So, I've been stalking/watching/expecting/waiting/following these two very attractive British men. So, let me introduce to you probably THE most handsomest youtubers, best of all TWINS ever!!

Jack and Finn Harries :D

I happened to find them, hanging out with my close friend, Stef, (an Youtube addict such as myself and almost bookworm), we were watching random, trending videos, and we stumbled upon Caspar Lee's channel. Then I saw Jack in a video related to his. It kinda happened like this--

Me: "OHMIGAWED, CLICK THAT STEF!! *clicks the video*, OHMIGOSH, THEIR EVEN MORE HANDSOMER UP CLOSE!!!! *after the video* I FOUND THE ONE STEF!" (P.S: Sorry, too dramatic that moment)
Stef: No, their mine.
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THEIR MINE!!!! (Using a super dramatic voice.)
Yeah, I was kinda high with energy that time, so please excuse my weird attitude. So basically Jacksgap is a Youtube channel where Jack Harries together with his twin Finn Harries post videos about what's happening with their life, their travels, challenges, and other things. 

One of the most fave quotes from them would be these:

"Finn, Finn. The better twin, he looks like Jack and Jack looks like him."

"So after all these years, it turns out that Finn...is actually my slave....So there you have it. I'm the oldest twin, Finn's my slave, bish bash bosh..."

What made me love them both are how they're pretty funny, playful, friendly and well, it doesn't hurt that they're darn attractive. Maybe it helps that I'm a bit girly when it comes to attractive British men, obvious to say, I am absolutely smitten and addicted to their videos. :D

Furthermore, I really adore these twins because they have that natural British charm, I don't know for sure, but I think they're directioners, and they also participated in a charity called Comic Relief. They have these friendly connection with their fans, AND well, who could resist two guys, both equally funny, attractive, British boys? :)

Here are some of my fave videos of them, check them out, and comment me about your thoughts about them. I'd love to know it :D

Well, that's the end of my OtS post about Jacksgap. Hope you enjoyed it. Though I haven't really described them much, I think their videos made great justification for my infatuation with them. Stay tuned for another On the Spotlight post, kay? :) Thank you and glorify weirdness!



    When I saw this, I drooled. They look so adorable! :D
    -starts clicking on your links to stalk them- ;D

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    1. No problem, glad you found this useful :D


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