March 1, 2013

Mini Review: Independence by Shelly Crane

Independence by Shelly Crane (3.5 Stars)

In the fourth and final installment, Maggie and Caleb must tie up all the loose ends of their lives and make a way to be together completely on their own. With everything that happened with Bish and Maggie's father, she's almost reluctant to move on and move out. And now she must figure out all of this...stuff...with Haddock. But of course, nothing can stay simple for the Jacobsons. Enemies who were thought to be dissolved have decided to not go down so easily. And old flames come calling for more than just Maggie. Caleb is torn between leading his family and personal wants. Maggie is torn between Caleb and being the leader of their people. But neither will let what they need most to be pushed to the wayside. They are determined to make it all work, design a plan toward destiny, and make everything right again for themselves and their family.
And then there's a wedding...

MY OPINION: I've read this series since the start. I loved every second of reading it. Its like having the chance to talk to Caleb and Maggie again. I've waited, months to read this. And it was worth it. I missed every second reading about Caleb and Maggie love each other, just for being themselves, its not the best love story ever, but it doesn't mean that its not memorable or perfect for a girl like me. I appreciated everything this series told about love. I had a lot of things learned from this book. About love, friends, family. It might not be my most favorite of the series. But its still amazing, seeing Maggie and Caleb's love for each other, their support for each other, and their love to death. It was worth reading, and I will forever, remember Maggie and Caleb's love story, and the story of the Jacobson Clan. :)

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