March 2, 2013

Book vs Movie: The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga (Book vs. Movie)


So, I cannot contain this itch feeling I have. I recently watched Breaking Dawn Part Two. Its not the most AMAZING thing I've watched, just fun and well thrilling. (Plus it gave me a lot of goosebumps and gave out a lot of "NOOOOOOO!"'s and "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!?!?!?!?!"'S while I was watching it. So I've decided to make a review about it. Both for the book and movie series. And this might take a while :)

Twilight (The Twilight Saga #1)- Book & Movie Review

Its been like two years since I last read this book. One of my first reads actually. Particularly, that's the time where I started to appreciate books in a more addictive manner (XD), I've watched the movie before reading the book. And which is better? The book.

MY OPINION: Its more memorable to read Twilight 'cuz its more raw and simple. I didn't pictured Bella as someone like Kristen Stewart (No offense to anyone). I kinda imagined Bella to be more softer, simpler, but still boyish, Kristen is like that, but she doesn't look like a soft character. She kinda looks like a snob.

Bella in the book, also isn't the Mary-sue character that people saw in the movie. I saw pictured her as someone who's kinda distant, but doesn't look like it. Very mysterious but still inviting. Seriously if the new kid's snob looking, I wouldn't have the guts to try and talk to her. That's just unrealistic. Also, Bella in the book, isn't really that trusting, earth to everyone, she has the brains, and she used it. She had doubts about Edward too you know, she didn't just jump into him or something. And, she actually realized she loved Edward in the middle of book, which is accepted since other heroines fell in love with their match much more earlier than half of the book. The point is, she isn't beyaach who just fell in love okay? Who could not fall for a very mysterious, gorgeous and different guy like Edward.

So, you can easily see that the book had one point in this round since that its much more likable/lovable than the movie. 

New Moon (The Twilight Saga #2)- Movie Review

MY OPINION: So, suffice to say, I've already watched the movie also before the book, and since I got entirely bored with watching this one. I didn't bother reading this book, and I don't have any plans to read it anyways. Just for your info. I didn't like this book 'cuz this is the part where Edward, became a coward and just ran from the consequences of his actions. I just don't understand why he just left Bella. She already knew his freaking secret. There's no use in leaving Bella now. In my opinion, that just made her more than just a target. Obvioulsy I am irritated at Edward for being a coward in such a bad timing, and for being suicidal because of the possible result of his actions. Boooo Edward in this part.

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga #3) - Movie Review

MY OPINION: Being the bored girl I am, I also didn't watch this part 'cuz it just involved how that Victoria woman had that war with the Cullens, blah blah blah. I'm a girl people! I don't like too much details about war if it doesn't involve a few cheesy scenes in between. I like having butterflies in my stomach, and war isn't really that fun if the heroine can't fight for herself. (Sooo sorry Kristen). Aside the war, it was a major cliffhanger to watch the ending of this dang movie. "Marry me--" Then heck finished!? I can't wait to read a sequel for a book if it ends like that, but in a movie, it just pisses, me off. :(

Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga #4) - Book and Movie Review

This was the hard part, reading and watching the firsts. I can easily say that I prefer the book than the movie. But with the last part of the series. I am completely torn. I can't make a balanced choice to which I really like. >.<

MY OPINION: I first read the book than the movie and I loved it a lot. Complete in detail and very exciting. So you could imagine what I felt when I finally watched the first part of Breaking Dawn Part one. Honestly, production for the movie did a good job with the settings of the movie. Its almost the same as I've pictured when I read the book. Though there are a lot of scenes that were in the book that wasn't in the movie. (Very fun parts too!) For example, the wedding is meh compared to what's in the book. Though the setting and the dress were very beautiful. Bella's wedding in the book is much more simple yet elegant and memorable. The dress a tad bit more beautiful. The garden not much from what the book described, but good enough. On the plus side, Isle Esme is way more beautiful than from what I imagined from the book. It was a bit different than what I expected but it was better at least. Much more grandiose but at the same time very simple. 

Part one of the movie. Not as good as the book. But there's always part two.

And part two gave me goosebumps, I'll give you that.

There are many things I loved about part two. A few minor changes like settings and only a few lines. That's what I loved most about watching part two. I clearly remembered the lines they said from the book. Not exactly how I imagined it, but still freaking awesome. But then, THERE'S A HUGE PART IN THE MOVIE THAT'S NOT IN THE BOOK! "There's a scene in the movie that's not included in the book. I still can't over it..."-- Said my source. Boy, what he said is true. It was amazing!! I loved every second of the said scene. Truthfully speaking, the ending of Breaking Dawn Part Two is almost the same as in the movie, but the movie ending was much more surprising and exciting that that in the book. :D

FINAL JUDGEMENT: Book? 2. Movie? 2. Guess that's a tie :D


  1. Great reviews! I gotta say, I think I'm all for the books
    Tara Merry x

  2. Enjoying your blog!
    Literature and film have always shared a somewhat frosty relationship.
    I did really enjoy the film adaption of Life of Pi recently.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. I love you for doing this. Personaly, I'm all for the books, especially consideirng the first movie. I had to watch it a few times before it grew on me. I just don't think it was well directed. Stephanie Meyers did a good job in creating these characters and I really don't think the movies truly did the books justice. But I will be honest that I haven't seen the last movie, not entirely sure if I wish to either because I've gotten bored with the whole series. But considering what you've said about, I may give it a go. I agree with George, literature and films have a very frosty relationship.

    1. True. I've watched a lot of books-turned-movies, and honestly, almost half of them didn't really impress me at all. Though George is right, Life of Pi is a good film. Not sure which is better since I haven't read the book yet. But still its something worth watching. :D



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