January 19, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award

I never thought a single comment can make my day a whole lot better. I didn't have any big expectations from my blog at all. Then this came along :D

First of all, thanks to Sarah for nominating me for this award. You are beyond awesome my fellow Damon teammate :D.  Check her out at her blog which is one cute blog.


I also had another nominator. She was awesome enough to renominate me even though I was already nominated. Thanks Stella, for being an awesome blogger. :D Check her out at her blog.


Gosh, Thank you Lord. I'm meeting very good people today :D. I've been renominated again. *giggles*. And to show my appreciation, I would still answer their questions. Thank you Ali and Jordan, you've just became awesomer than before. XD. Check out the blogs okay?!


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1. Why did you start blogging?
I love talking about anything, I love sharing to people my opinions. Then I said to myself "Why not blog about it?". I started out in tumblr and then, I turned to blogspot, it was all just for fun and by far, its turning great. Plus, with blogging I get to meet other bookworms like me. :D

2. If you could meet any author alive or dead who would it be and why?
That is a veeeery hard question... I don't know. I'm split between Jennifer L. Armentrout and Colleen Hoover. All of their novels are dang awesome. The heroes and heroines in both stories are also awesome. Gaah! Please don't make me choose!

3. What is your favorite novel that you were forced to read in school?
If by force means that I had to read 'cuz my grade depends on it. It would be the "Masque of Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe. I had to admit that its not really in my comfort zone, but afterwards it turned out the be cooler and thrilling for my tastes. Its gothic and mysterious, though the writing isn't my usual cup of tea. Nevertheless I enjoyed it very much.

4. If you could travel to any world from a book which would it be and why?
I'd like to be in Tris and Tobias' world in Divergent. Haha :D. I bet I would be at least a lot more awesomer there than here, maybe I'm Dauntless, better yet. I'm a Divergent! XD

5. If you could be friends with any book character who would it be?
I want to be friends with Reed and Evie along with their gang in the Premonition series. 'Cuz they make me lauch a lot with their antics.

6. What is your favorite color?
Black...Red...Black... ugh... Red and Black.

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I love being crazy and quirky in my blog. It shows a few things about myself that I don't normally show to everyone that I know. 'Cuz if I became too quirky in reality, I would just look like an idiot. In blogging I get to have more freedom to be myself and to be fearless in stating my opinions.

8. What is the one thing that bothers you most in books (pet peeve)?
(Pet peeve? >.<) What bothers me is that, sometimes most of the time. I always fall for "the bad guys" in a novel. If they're not pure evil, I'm often bound to like them, even if they sometimes act like a total douchebag.

9. What was your favorite book of 2012?

10. Have there been any books that you have read recently that have suprised you? Which ones?
I've read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma last year. It was one of those books that really made a mark on me. It was so awesome but tragic. I was definitely surprised of my reaction. I didn't expect myself to be so torn of my decision. Up to now, its still between super awesome and nooooooo-waaaay shelves. ITS A GOOD READ BY THE WAY, CHECK IT OUT!

11. Who is your number one book boyfriend?
Definitely Daemon Black from the Lux series. 'Cuz one he's hot, two he's so much like the caring type. Three, he's sweet, four, he has good humor.... ETC and a lot lot more!!


1. Why did you start blogging?
(Same as before) I love talking about anything, I love sharing to people my opinions. Then I said to myself "Why not blog about it?". I started out in tumblr and then, I turned to blogspot, it was all just for fun and by far, its turning great. Plus, with blogging I get to meet other bookworms like me. :D

2. If you could live in any book what could it be?
Definitely in Tris and Tobias' world in Divergent. I will not change my decision. :D

3. What's your favorite genre?
At first, my favorites are all fantasy novels. But lately I've been liking a lot of contemporary novels.

4. What inspires you?
People who are brave enough to be their unique self and are fearless of what they want to be. Specifically, Ed Sheeran. Jenna Marbles, and of course MY MOM ^^

5. If you were a superhero what would your name be?
Maybe, "Energetica"? or "Hyperious"? XD

6. Name one weird thing you do?
I do a lot of weird things. Dear. ^^. They're my biggest secrets EVAH~! :D

7. Coke or Pepsi?
Definitely Coke.

8. What do you love to do?
Reading, drawing, singing. Blah! Many things.

9. A piece of advice you live by.
"Never pretend to be someone else that you're not"

10. If you were president what law would you pass?
Its either free books, internet or schooling. Any of those even be free. The world will be a better place.

11. If you could how would you change the world
I'd like to change people's perspective about how they view "us" Filipino's. Even to other countries. Racism has always affected us, and its about time to change the stereotype based on skin color and nationality.


1. If you could have any job, what would it be?
If ever I do get my degree on that course I wanted to be a web designer or graphic artist. Better yet. Both :)

2. Why did you start a blog?
(Same as before) I love talking about anything, I love sharing to people my opinions. Then I said to myself "Why not blog about it?". I started out in tumblr and then, I turned to blogspot, it was all just for fun and by far, its turning great. Plus, with blogging I get to meet other bookworms like me. :D

3. What's your favorite meal?
In the Philippines we have dish called "Dinuguan" and "Adobo". They are THE BEST.

4. What else do you do beside blogging? 
I practice a bit of web design, I do artworks, and poems... eeeh. Anything interesting.

5. What inspired you to start blogging?
I saw many people online who would be so blunt and valiant in expressing how they love/hate some books that I've encountered. One blog in particular really encouraged me to start my own. He is soooo funny. I love how blunt and strong all of his reviews are. :D

6. Which is more important to you, follower count or traffic count?
At first, I thought that the more followers I got the better, but I realized that it doesn't really matter that much (But I still love to get more followers ^^), what matters is that someone may read my review and be encouraged to buy and read the book. That's what matters anyway. To share an honest opinion.

7. How much time do you spend on your blog a week?
Sadly, as much as I want to be online a lot, I can only manage at least once or twice a week (because of my student schedule) But, whenever I'm online I usually post 2-3 reviews. :D

8. What's your favorite junk food?
I love Piattos. Especially the sour cream and onion. YUM.

9. What's your favorite book genre?
Eh, at first I was really into fantasy novels, but lately I've been swooning over contemporary novels.

10. What's your favorite social networking site? 
Definitely twitter. I'm mostly online there, but if by fave, I love Tumblr most <3

11. Which do you prefer, PC or Mac?

I'll definitely trade my PC over a Mac any day. >.<


1. Who is your book boyfriend, and why?
It actually depends on what I've read lately but I'm still swooning over Brennus in the Premonition series <3

2. What do you look for in a 5 star book?
Great characters, unique plot, a very surprising twist. AND OF COURSE A VERY ROMANTIC LOVE STORY!!

3. Do you judge a book by its cover?
Sadly yes, I still do that sometimes, I've learned my lesson though, now, I just read the blurb before I judge it.

4. What are your reading habits?
I read anywhere, everywhere, anytime. Plus, my eyebags are so dark from all night reading >.<

5. Do you speak any other language besides English?
Ugh... I speak tagalog, a bit japanese too, but I'm not an expert at it. Yet.

6. What is your view on dog-earring a page to "mark your spot" in a book?
I don't put a book on top of something wet, I always hold my book by hand because I'm afraid it'll get deformed in my backpack. So no. I don't do "dog-earring" a page. It hurts to see a folded paper in a book.:(

7. Do you mind if one of the books in your series collection is in paperback, and the rest are in
Well, here in the Philippines its hard to find a book that is ALL in paperback. I had to wait for like MONTHS before the paperback version comes, so it doesn't really bother me that in a series one of them in unlike the other.

8. Do you draft your blog posts?
Sometimes when I'm not inspired to write a review, I save it as a draft, then continue some other time.

9. Are you a Potterhead?
I love the movies, you can say that i'm a half-potterhead. :D

10. Ebook or printed copy, and why?
I still love printed copies more. Its something about seeing the cover, smelling the aroma of the pages and all, but unfortunately Ebooks are way convenient and portable.

11. Series or standalone novel, and why?
Series. Its exciting to read something when there's another novel to anticipate for. :D


  1. I write at Wattpad. Fan-fics just for the fun of it.
  2. I love chocolate even though I'm not allowed to eat it.
  3. I have greater attraction to guys with glasses or with a defined jaw.
  4. I tend to like "the tough/bad guys"
  5. I love cats even if I don't own one.
  6. I always take almost all of the good pens at my house, you can almost call me a pen addict.
  7. I watch my fave series with my parents. (We always guessed what would happen on the Vampire Diaries)
  8. I can't do a poker face.
  9. I despise cockroaches
  10. I don't like being girly
  11. I have a gazillion weird faces XD


  1. What is your first book(first love) you've read?
  2. In the scale of 1-10 how addicted are you to books?
  3. If you could describe yourself with one word what would it be?
  4. Imagine the typical high school stereotype. In all of those groups where do you belong?
  5. (I had to ask) What cartoon or anime character is you all time favorite?
  6. If you had a book that you've read that you really hate, what would it be?
  7. Who is the best hero and heroine for you?
  8. Who is your fave author for life?
  9. In between blogging about books. What else do you do?
  10. Which do you prefer, authors with publishers or indie authors?
  11. What's the one tip you could give to other new bloggers?


  1. Thanks for the nomination, Julianne! I'll answer the questions as soon as I can. ;)

  2. Thanks for the nomination!I will try to answer your questions ASAP. :)

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! Definitely will be answering your questions very soon :)

  4. Thank you for answering my questions :) keep up the good work

    1. Hahaha, no thank YOU for the nomination :D

  5. Aww thanks for answering my questions ^.^ Sorry I haven't stopped by the post sooner!

    1. is' okay. :D I enjoyed answering all of it :D


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