December 24, 2012

My Top Five Most Favorite Books

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Since that this year has been a bang for me. I've decided to make a small list of my favorite books for year 2012. Some of these books are published before 2012, but I've read them today so that counts :D. Most of the books featured in this list are quite perfect for a fangirling moment. I love romance novels, especially with guys who are super freaking hot! Joke XP

Anyways, here's the countdown!

* * *

5. Starters by Lisa Price

Why: Everything about it is just adventurous and new. I loved the concept of the story and how the plot takes a new kind of storytelling. This was probably the first book that I've loved without actually loving the characters. I loved how diabolical it was and how creative the plot was. The twist in the story was definitely surprising, and this a definite worth-to-read.

4. Significance by Shelly Crane

Why: This is my epitome of a perfect guy! Caleb really made his mark here. I soooooo loved him. His care and love for Maggie is just awesome, its not one of those stories about imprints that drives them to have ugh s-e-x. But more of that Caleb is imprinted to Maggie to make sure she was happy, safe, protected and loved. Its kinda like a paranormal-chick-lit novel type for me. I loved it ever since summer. And I will never forget it.

The plot also blew me away. I love romantic novels. By far this is my ever so favorite. In paranormal-romance genre's anyways

3. Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Why: The candid thing about this novel is that my first agenda on reading it, is to hate the main character Daemon. I wanted to test myself if I could bring myself to hate a guy so full of doucheness, and arrogance even if he is so dang hot. I lost.

It turns out that this is will be another one in my line-up of favorite novels for 2012. I'd include obsidian and onyx, but by far, this is my favorite with the Lux series. In this part of the series, Daemon and Katy has finally admitted their feeling for each other (FINALLY!), but somehow they can't seem to enjoy their time together. I love that here in the Opal.They were really IN a relationship now. From hating each other, to getting pissed, concerned and now loved. They finally admitted their feelings. Though I haven't made a review about it, this book is definitely awesome!

2. Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Why: I have mentioned before that I have a thing for the "Tough guys" ever since. I found a particularly perfect guy for that tough-guy-but-swoon-worthy. Other than that, of course the story itself was amazing. It made a whole new impression on strength, love,and courage.

Everything in it can be an inspiration. Echo, Noah, Lila, heck even Mrs. Collins touched my heart. Especially Echo and Noah, their love for each other is just awe-worthy. I love how Noah cares for her, how he wishes to be there for her, to protect her, support her. Leaving behind his "image" so that he could help her.Echo with her haunting past, made it though, having the strength she never thought she had. She faced her fears and insecurities.

And finally for the number one. in my list. Its kinda obvious what my no. 1 pick will be, :D

1. Slammed by Colleen Hoover

This book made me cry. So hard, that I was almost screaming. I felt the soul of the story. It really changed how I viewed everything in the world. I loved it more 'cuz it has poems. I loved it because Will is almost perfect. And... its just a perfect novel for romantics. :D

I love Will and Layken so much. Layken for her honesty and very smart thinking. For being a not-so naive girl unlike other heroines. I love Will because he its obvious how he really loves Layken, I love him 'cuz he takes care of his brother, he's responsible, and self-less and gosh. He's a poet O.O goooosh, so swoon worth :D

* * *

Anyways, that is my top five most favorite books. You can all check out those books in Goodreads and happy holidays to everyone! :D

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