December 20, 2012

Idle Chat: Freedom from the bindage

This week has been very stressful. Being with the exams and all, I found myself encountering many problems. So, I'd like to talk about my thoughts on "expectations" and what's the goods and bads about it.

The word "expectations" is something really heavy if you think about it. Many things are held just by that simple word. Yet, everyone of us has our own expectations to try and reach for. I can't say for myself that I had reached expectations. They were just there, and as much as I want them to disappear or just slip away, I can't fight it. I can't hide from it.

Sometimes, its a bit of a nightmare. Expectations often feels like being trapped, or pressured to do good. It BINDS you to strive harder, even to a point where it feels too hard to endure. It makes you do something desperate that you wish, you didn't do it. It can change the way you look or see about something. It can change you. Worst of all, it might not be for the better.

Yet, behind the heavy parts, and pressure. Expectation really is good for everyone. It challenges us to do better, it pushes us to the edges of our safe zones, so that we test our limits. It makes us do unimaginable things, that we thought we couldn't do. It makes you see another perspective. It can change you, for the better. And after all, those challenges that you face, it feels like you're FREE from being chained, being trapped. It makes you feel better, and more confident of yourself.

It sounds deep and scary, and it is. Even though all of us have expectations, some of us still don't know how to cope with it. I know I have (most of the time ^^) a hard time to cope with it, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed, too overwhelmed that I just wanted to lie down and rest, and forget about it.

That led me to just face the problem later, it did nothing to solve my dilemma, and in the end, I still had to face it. But afterward, after all the hard work is over, you feel content, proud even, for facing your problem.

I don't know how this could help, or how it could even spark your interest. But I wanted you to know, that having expectations isn't really bad. You just have to look at it in the good way. Face it, head on. Do your best, and if you're tired? Its not bad for you to rest, just make sure you stand up again, and move on. Because afterwards, you'll get the fruit for all your hard work.

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