November 17, 2012

Book Review: Oath of Servitude by C.E Wilson

Oath of Servitude by C.E Wilson
(5 Stars)

First of all I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy of this book! Thanks C.E, it was AWESOME!!

Blurb on Goodreads: This is the story of Teague and Cailin, two teenagers who have been brought together by fate. Teague, a human, struggles to come to terms with the consequences of a recent accident that has destroyed the happy life that he had once enjoyed. Cailin, a pixi, is trying to stay true to herself while fighting against forces beyond her control that have exiled her from her home into this strange world of humans. She fears the darkness. He cannot escape it. But when the two of them are thrown together, they begin to discover the light inside of themselves. 

Dang, talk about Pixi’s being cooler than I actually thought. This book was awesome by my standards. The writing isn’t really in my comfort zone but it was entertaining to read. The characters were very realistic and lovable. Mostly, the whole plot was perfect for my taste.

It was about Cailin and Teague. Cailin as a young pixi is sentenced to live for a year in the house of monsters aka humans. Furthermore, she is puzzled to why her father would trust her safety with the human she would be living with named Owen. How could her father trust these humans? Meanwhile, Teague—who lost his sight due to an accident—is deeply depressed. Relying on alcohol to escape his horrific reality how can will react with Cailin being a pixi? How did the past of Cailin’s family affect her interaction with Owen and Teague?

From the moment I read the blurb on Goodreads, I know that I would easily like it. It was in my most favorite genre. Even though I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary novels, I couldn’t pass on reading something like this. I loved it because it was very interesting and unique. I’ve encountered novels about vampires, werewolves, faeries and ghosts, etcetera, etcetera. But it’s my first time reading about pixi’s.

I had to admit that I was skeptical about reading it, my first imagination of the characters are like Tinkerbell (not that I don’t like Tinkerbell, she was one of the most sassiest girls in Disney). A small person with a certain glow, talks like bells and has wings. Pixi’s in the book were like that, but not entirely. They are small, but they don’t glow. They also have wings, but at least they can speak English :D

The whole clan thing with the Pixi’s were my thing. I love drama, especially if they’re in a pack, tribe or clan. It gives you an idea of another world. I love the creative classification of different Pixi’s. They’re pixi’s that are higher-ups, and there’s even a executioner type of pixi. I loved that. It made me so engrossed with the story, its like I’m in another world.

Other than the plot, I loved the characters as well. Some characters were just an okay for me. Decla and Rinoa are not really my most favorite characters. I don’t love them that much, but they’re not really memorable for me to pass the line of “liked” characters. Nolkrin was very moving, his love for his daughters were just heartwarming. Owen is easy to like, at first I was really irritated by his decision of allowing Teague to drink (Really? What kind of parent will allow that?) but then, I saw that he just cares (in his own parent way), so he’s a thumbs up.

Sariel was just the great awesomeness. I never imagined he would do that ‘cuz he’s the son of the bad guy. He isn’t really featured much in the story, but I am so excited of what he will do when the story is continued.

Teague was really awesome when he’s not drunk or pissed off. He’s actually the kind of guy I would like to hang out with. I loved his sense of humor and compassionate nature. He acts like he doesn’t care, but he does. He is very conscious of himself if he hurts someone (especially Cailin). I loved his vulnerability too, Just shows that (in my theory) men make it look like they don’t need comfort, but honestly they just like to hear you encourage them. His blind state also made his relationship with Cailin a bit complicated but exciting. He kept wondering what Cailin looks like, and because of not being able to “see” her, he liked her because of her personality and her nature. It made their relationship deeper and much more significant.

Cailin was cool, awesomeness and charmer all rolled into one. I really like her appearance, a bit punk-ish but soft at the same time. Her unique fashion sense was another reason why I liked her. But other than her appearance, I loved her fierce personality, and deep love for her family. She would give anything up to make sure that her family would be safe, and he would fight for her family. I can’t wait to find out what would happen to her in the next sequel.

I didn’t give five stars ‘cuz the author gave a copy. The book deserved the stars by its own rights. Its unique, has good writing and characters. I would gladly recommend it to everyone who would appreciate a unique story with memorable characters.

* * *
About the author:
C.E. Wilson is currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and her two dogs and two cats. They are all the loves of her life. When she’s not writing young adult fantasy novels, she enjoys writing short stories on her Deviant Art page. She loves to write stories involving giants and little people (also known as GT) and nothing helps her to write more than Coca-Cola and glazed doughnut holes.

Connect with her here:


  1. I also received the copy and currently reading it!!!
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    1. HI! Yeah, i didn't even expect that anyone would give me a copy of a book. I was so lucky!! Following you back too. :D

  2. Great review! I also received a copy and I just reviewed it:) I was pleasantly surprised, did not expect it to be so good.


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