November 29, 2012

Blabbers: Significance movie!!!!!


Normally, i'm not this ecstatic over something, but with Shelly Crane, what else do I have to react to?


The greatest news came today. I love watching novel turned movies, kinda makes it more commercial and a little bit more exciting, but goodness! The best day of my life happened when I learned that "SIGNIFICANCE" by Shelly Crane is going to be a movie!!!

Gosh! I am hyperventilating!!  :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Sorry for being crazy or something, just wanted to share my excitement :DD

I'm still full of adrenaline right now (even if i just found out like a few minutes ago), so bare with my extra energy. I just wanted to share why i am so excited to see this movie. 

Significance has been one of my most favorite books of all time. The story just makes your toes curl and sparks bazillion of butterflies in your stomach. AHHHH! Sure it had to do something with "imprinting" and meeting your soulmate. I didn't even thought that I would be that addicted to it as I was now. In short, it is more than just a story of two people who found their soulmate, a lot lot more. :D

Okay, so the adrenaline is finally going down, and I am happy if you read my blab for now. :D 

Check out the book on: Goodreads
Check out the author about the movie on her: Blogger

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