October 28, 2012

Idle Chat: Love me for me

Do you feel like you're being enclosed by the walls, or feel burning stares behind your back? This is probably the most weirdest moments I could experience. Being an only child only adds to the intensity of the awkwardness I sometimes feel whenever they expect something from me.

I'm sure that you experience these kind of things as well. We often have people we would want to please or we feel obligated to make them happy or proud of you. Sadly some of the people we try to please so much might not feel contented with what you try to give to them.

I have faced this kind of problem before, thankfully I found a way to solve this. Here's the thing this is the problem we often face.

<--- This is mostly the reason why we try to do everything as best as I can.

It's hard to not feel fear, because you want them to notice you, to respect you, to love you. Its instinct to want people to like you. You wouldn't want them to give you hating glares when you meet them in the hallway or whisper behind your back. Even those who say they don't care, in truth are just as hurt when people criticize them, harshly.

It hurts, if your friends hate you, if no one trusts you, and if everybody doesn't want to be with you.

                Well, this is the truth --->
You don't need to please all of them. They don't affect you as much as you affect yourself. You shouldn't see yourself as a loner or loser, 'cuz your not. You can be the best, as long as you see yourself that way. Do you think that they're perfect? No they're not, they're just the same as you are.

 Don't go down with them, you are not low. You can be higher than the blue sky as long as you respect yourself, love yourself, and most of all ACCEPT YOURSELF.

It won't hurt to know how special you are. You don't know, maybe someone likes you because of your weird hazel eyes, maybe someone likes to be your friend because of the way you laugh like there's no tomorrow.  Endless reasons to why MANY people will want to be with you. Yet, some don't know it at all. They continue to think they're not worthy of being someone's friend, or they think they aren't pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough,

"But sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are."

Just that simple, no other reasons.
No more hiding, your beauty is coming.
Do not worry, for haters gonna hate.
But remember WE love you in every way.
             ----- By Jules

* * * 
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