September 7, 2012

Idle chat: The ideal guy

Love... what is love?

Wow, I never thought I would make a blog about this particular subject, guess its time to do it.

Whenever I hear the words: "Ideal Guy", my first thoughts are, the one, or true match, most people think of those words this way. But sometimes in life, you would end up liking or maybe even loving the worst person you could ever imagine.

Some girls dream to have the most popular guys as their boyfriend's or maybe even a husband, some want to have a normal boy as their boyfriend or partner, but even if you are in love with a person. Is he/she really the one for you? When you're in love, you see all the good things in a person, like how funny he is, how handsome he is, or how smart he is. When you see him, your world just brightens and it seemed like everything is perfect. That my friend is blind love.

Imagine love like a microscope, if you love someone, you would always look or see every detail about him/her, how he eats, how he acts, even how he talks. I know for a fact that whenever I have a crush on someone(or when my friend has crushes) just by looking at his back, or maybe even hearing his voice. You instantly know its him. It's instinct to have attraction to someone(especially if he or she's handsome or pretty).  We're like faeries, we like pretty things. The wrong thing most people act about love is that people love not with their hearts but with their eyes ( - by One direction member), you don't love a person just because he has good looks or cute eyes, or even a nice voice. Love is so much deeper than that.

And like in physical appearance, you accept the ones you love, in their worst and best times. Love is accepting every single thing that makes the person beautiful and ugly. That way the person trust you more, the person accepts you as much as you accept them. This applies to friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and even family. I know sometimes its hard to accept the wrongs that your loved ones had done, but how could you ever try to resist them? They've been there for you in your best and worst, accept them, care for them and honor them.

Its hard to truly love someone PERFECTLY because in doing so, we accept EVERYTHING about them, this involves the good and the bad. In my opinion, don't hurry yourself on finding your one true match. They'll come when its time. God plans great things, and that is one of them, to find someone who we will share our lives with.

That's my ideal guy, maybe someone like my father, or someone better than him (though i seriously doubt that), someone who would accept all the wrongs I've done, the achievements I've reached and everything that makes me who I am. Cheezy, I know. But a girl can dream, can't they?

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