September 23, 2012

Book Review : The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Hey guys! I finally finished it!! Gowddddd~!! It's been weeks since I've finished it, but i'm still crazy for it. <3

I give the reader of my review a warning, this review contains a few lot of spoilers, so I hope you're ready to be pissed with me telling you what will happen. I'll start of by telling you bit by bit what happened in the series


This was a long one, that I almost got bored but thank goodness that I got through that.

In the City of Bones, this will be the first time Clary will know how her real identity. As girl with Shadowhunter blood in her veins, Clary met a group of people that she never though she would meet. These Shadowhunters are a group of people who capture vampires/werewolves/vampires who go rouge, and demons that they mostly encounter. Clary then met Jace, and she didn't expect that just by meeting him. Her world will entirely change

I was hesitant on reading this actually, 'cuz I've read reviews about this awful character named Jace, he was a total douchebag and and a-hole. I didn't like characters like Jace. I don't like it when a guy is a TOTAL douche. But I'll tell you all!!

Jace isn't bad at all.

In fact he's my most favorite character. I had to admit that he does have an attitude but deep inside him, his sadness and sorrow just made my heart melt. I understood why he was the douche that he is. When I learned that Jace was abused and hit when he was just a child, by his father. It just made me feel this bone deep sympathy for him. I can't imagine what he feels about love, that love will just destroy you. It was just so sad. Under his sardonic smile, flippant attitude is a very lonely boy. As if that wasn't torture enough he had to learn that the only girl he loves, Clary is his sister!

Don't get me wrong I adore the Jace-Clary loveteam, but c'mon. Incest? That's just... ugh... it's more than just awkward or weird. It is bygone disgusting and immoral for me, but at the same time, I feel really terrible for them, not having the freedom to love Clary just made me sympathize with Jace more. I hated the fact that  they couldn't be together because they were related. It just wasn't right.

Clary was also one of my favorites (second to Jace), she was a very clever girl, I liked the fact that she actually uses her brain. Most of the mysteries and questions were answered by her, but she's still a bit naive. She still has this tiny part of her brain that is ingĂ©nue, but at least she isn't stupid enough to make super BAD decisions or be maddeningly blind or stupid.

The other characters were hmm, nice for me, but not really that memorable. Simon was cute, Alec was a bit of a snob, Isabelle was hot, Magnus was weirdly adorable and Valentine was just evil, that I wanna pull his eyes out.


In book two, I had to admit. Clary is dang bad in timing.

By this time, Clary and Jace has kept distance with each other since the whole brother-sister thing. Clary hooked up with Simon which for me is a bad move, because it was obvious that Clary was just using Simon so that she could forget Jace.


But no matter how much I hate Clary for this, I also understand, she's trying so hard to forget her love for Jace that it's slowly killing her. With her mother Jocelyn in her mysterious "coma" she has no one to cling to other than Luke and Simon.

Valentine is on the run, somewhere out there doing evil and it's killing Jace because he still feels this affection for his father and he's being suspected on being a spy for him. What made it worse is that he really was seeing his father secretly. With Valentine taking the Mortal Sword, what would Clary and Jace do to stop their father's plan?

Everytime, word by word, I continue to fall for Jace, who says douchebags are complete a-holes. He was just so vulnerable in book two. I saw a different kind of Jace, he was still sarcastic, a bit of a pervert, but he seemed softer and more likely to get hurt by other people.

Simon is starting to interest me on book two, he became a vampire here, but the other characters are also starting to shine, Isabelle became much more tougher, I'm starting to think Alec has a thing for Magnus (In short, he's gay, which was already obvious from book 1) but of all the five books, this isn't one of my favorites.


I'm on my knees on this one it was just BROOOOOOP!!! A blast!!

On the earlier book, i learned that Valentine was Clary and Jace's father. But I don't like book 2 as much as i love book 3 <3

I am still waiting... hoping that Clary and Jace aren't really brother and sister and I kept waiting, and waiting and waiting. But nothing happened!! I am beginning to get impatient and I cannot wait for a big twist. On the 2nd book Clary made the bad move, but now Jace made a much more evil move big time!

They both found out that they were "experiments" of Valentine, Jace was born with demon blood in his veins because Jocelyn was injected with demon blood while Clary has angel blood because Valentine mixed some Angel "thingy" substance in Jocelyn's food, to make her feel better. Result? Clary can make new runes, which is actually her own unique talent because only angels can make new runes, and Jace? He has this super physical ability, he can jump out  a 3 storey building, fall and stand up like it didn't happen. They were super heroes!! But now, Jace thinks that his demonic nature is the only reason why he loves Clary. OUCH!

I understand why Clary got hurt by this, who would want to be loved by some demonic reason? Jace was kind of a user on this one, he didn't became sensitive enough to think that Clary might get hurt by his musings, and for the first time, I was so irritated with him. (for only 10%)

Sebastian made a good entrance with this, and I actually loved the drama of his entrance. I had to admit that I felt relief when I his secret was revealed, it was like seeing the light~! Because Sebastian is Clary's biological brother!! YES! Finally!

But as much as I love the good news, Sebastian's entrance is also weird and uncomfortable at the same time. He kissed Clary, and he knows that they're brother and sister. *sighs* maybe because he has demon blood inside him, or he's just as twisted as his father. Either way, i'm pretty neutral with him now. Lets see how he's going to be in book 4.

I'm going to be a mean girl and say that i am super happy that Valentine is dead, he was just darn evil, and crazy. He doesn't deserve to be called a "father" or "husband" or "friend" he is just PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EVIL!!!


I almost thought the series was over. Valentine was dead, Sebastian was gone and everything is in peace, every race has their place in the Council but it looks like i have a lot more to look forward to.

After a certain incident Jace "died" but was brought back to life by Clary's wish, and then he had dreams of killing Clary by his own hands. He got totally paranoid and did all he could do to stay away from Clary, just to make her safe. But it just made everything worse. Jace was being called by a Greater Demon called Lilith who was the mother of all warlocks.

In the City of Fallen Angels, I was definitely PISSED OFF, by many reasons of course! First, c'mon when will Clary and Jace's suffering end? I'm actually tired of seeing them so sad and heartbroken! I can't take it anymore!! Second, Isabelle is downright numb to her feeling towards Simon, yeah I understand she's a tough, and strong girl, but when you're in love, JUST SHOW IT!! OR RATHER ADMIT IT!!! Alec, i'm also half irritated with him, irrational jealousy is just plain annoying.

But gosh, the City of Lost Souls just took my breath away, Jace... I don't know if I liked the friendly-to-sebastian version of Jace or the usual i'm-so-bad- Jace version. Sebastian loving version Jace is much more "fun" and well, carefree and light, not a usual sight from Jace, but it is calming to see this version of him, but he's also this obedient-to-Sebastian Jace, and I don't like it, he didn't seem to be the Jace that could get in a fight because of his attitude. But in the other hand stuck up-douche Jace is so trapped with his fear, that it pains me to see how he suffers sometimes. Either way, I still love him! <3

I am super impressed with Simon, he's starting to ooze his own kind of sex appeal. Being a vampire and all, I like him better this way, much more confident, braver and composed unlike before, he just seemed like a minor character but now, he's a contender for one of the hottest characters in the series. I admire Isabelle for finally admitting her feelings for Simon, but other than that, she's just neutral on book 5.

It's kinda sad that Alec and Magnus broke up. Sure Alec is annoying with his jealousy, but their pairing was cute and seeing it fall apart is a bit saddening.

And finally Sebastian! Goodness Sebastian, I don't know if I'm supposed to be disgusted with him or admire him for his badass character. It is a bit gross that he "likes" Clary more than just a sister, eeeeeeehhhh. Sure he's hot but, incest? XP. I really hate dislike how he's wicked and well... diabolical, but I had to admit, he is one heck of a handsome guy! Maybe a bit hotter than Jace himself. :|

Overall, I love it! I hate the fact that I had to wait for the 6th book. 2014!! That's harsh! I'm gonna have to wait for freaking two years!? :(

But hey, it was amazing and I give all the books 5 STARS(except for book 2 and 4 these are only 4 STARS), And I bow to Cassandra Clare for her amazing writing skills :D

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