September 6, 2012

Blabbers: Three random things about me

Wow, can't help but feel happy to blog again. :)

Anyways, since I haven't finished the books I'm reading, I might as well tell three random things about me.

First of all...
I love cats

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been very fond of cats, especially kittens. Even if it was a stray cat, I've never been afraid to hold it or pet it. Much to my parent's horror, I've always been brave when I'm holding a stray cat (preferably kittens), not caring if it might a have rabies or fleas.

My favorite kind of cats are those with cute eyes! >.< I look like a maniac when I see kittens, squealing in public is quite embarassing. I don't know why I seem so in love with them, it was just there. This was one of the main reasons I loved Grimalkin from the Iron fey series. :)

I have this infatuation with blue and amber eyes

Since that I am an anime lover, I've seen many characters (men mostly) with blue and amber eyes, all in different tones. Blue eyes are usually for characters with a very nice attitude, and in other cases, drop-dead gorgeous. Amber eyes are for wild, and rugged-looking guys, these characters usually have a silent demeanor but has a very edgy personality.

All these traits are what I consider "dangerously attractive signs" of a boys. It doesn't really matter if the character is in anime or books, they'll still look hot to me.

I love Ian Somerhalder

Yes, blue eyes and a handsome face really does softens the heart. >.<

I started to know Ian Somerhalder when I watched the series of the Vampire Diaries. He plays the character Damon Salvatore, who is the eldest of the Salvatore brothers, I loved Stefan at first, who wouldn't he was a very good guy, but he felt a bit too good for me. Ian is a bit of both, the good guy and the bad guy. I liked him because he is sooo funny, and most of all, he's charisma is just magnetic.

Not only was he my favorite character in the Vampire Diaries, he's also my favorite actor in Hollywood.

Well that's all for now, maybe if I had the vibe to continue, I'll add a few stuff on my blabbers. :)

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