August 11, 2012

Idle Chat: Why I seem to fall in love for "tough guys"

Why do i seem to fall in love for "tough guys"

Yeah... right XD
The truth is I've never fallen in love, well, not yet anyway. But I'm sure fellow book lovers, seem to be soooo attracted to the dark, tall and handsome types (I know I've been). I've encountered many books were I read about this very sober, attractive guy that doesn't seem to have a heart, or at least any interest in girls.

But somehow, every time that we encounter this certain person, we become so infatuated by them that sometimes we wish that certain person isn't a fictional character. Bad guys in fictional books (and in real life) are the same. We become interested when someone is unorthodox, or out of the ordinary. But what makes us really love a character is when we learn what kind of person he/she really is.

For example: In the Iron Fey series, Ash was first described as a villain (a gorgeous villain at that), but by the end of the series, we saw how Ash was willing to die for Meghan. (Gosh, I'm still swooning >.<)
In the Hex Hall series, I saw Archer as the typical alpha male of warlocks. He was famous, hot and powerful, but as I continued to read the series, I saw Archer not just a loyal and loving boyfriend(to Sophie) but an honest and true friend.

In my opinion, men try to put on this mask where they radiate a bit of soberness, and elite personality, they try to look tough and to put on this facade where they can never get hurt. But the truth is they are somehow a bit more fragile than girls. When they're hurt, they're hurt deep, if they're angry, then they're in a complete rage.

I once thought that boys were annoying beings :) , meant to annoy girls for all time, but being in highschool, I met many boys that had this facade of intimidation, but hid a heart as fragile as crystal. For me, I don't find a boy crying as cowardice, I find him brave, because he isn't scared of showing emotion.

It's a little sad, because unlike Ash or Archer. Only a few men actually show their true emotions and personality. Pride being one of the reasons. But any girl can dream, so I say to myself; "Dream on! Dreamer!" :)

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