August 19, 2012

Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
(3 Stars)

I'm a bit disappointed but at least it wasn't horrible--ish.

COVER OPINION: The cover was awesome, and it's a sure eye-candy. Based on the title, I thought that the girl was the one who is 'strange and deadly'. Creepy trees, a weird poker face from the girl equals interest piqued.

FIRST OPINION: *reading a book review* this looks awesome...
AFTER OPINION: *Last page was finished* Humph... *stands up and leaves*

Eleanor Fitt, of the Philadelphia Fitts is now a near outcast, with a determined mother by her side, her family struggles to come back in high society. Eleanor isn't interested in coming back into society, because she is in search of her missing brother who hasn't come back on his due date to come home. Not only was her brother missing but his last telegram wasn't delivered by human being but of the Dead. Still trying to find her brother, she seeks the help of the spirit-hunters--a group of people who hunt the Dead--she then does her best to find her brother, while the dark secrets of the past unfold on her search.

I'm a bit dramatic, yeah, but I just had high hopes for this book, something was missing.

I'll give plus points for an original plot. I never encountered this kind of antagonist yet. Zombies that are actually scary when you read how they're described(especially when you're reading in the middle of the night). These zombies are called the Dead, and some of this corpses are called the Hungry because they are rabid and faster than a normal walking corpses. These walking corpses are being controlled by an unknown necromancer. The detailing was good, the hairs on my skin raised when Dennard talks about the Dead. Really imaginative and playful (but sometimes it only leaves me up at night thinking about corpses)

The lovestory was nice. The pace was very respectable, Eleanor and Daniel were very amusing to read. Eleanor had an obvious attraction, and it's funny how they quarrel. Daniel was great. Sarcastic, direct and a bit of a snob.

Eleanor was a bit naive and clever, she can understand situations where she knows when and where she should be brave. Although she is emotionally impulsive. She has a strategic mind that knows what to do, she cant handle stress in hard situations, not one of my favorite heroines, but one of the most bravest and clever girls I've ever read.

Daniel was definitely amusing, humor is what I like most about him, when he always teases Eleanor, I can't help but have a smile on my face. But I'm a little pissed off because he's a bit numb towards girl's feelings, and that is a major turn off for him.

It wasn't a big disappointment, but I really expected more from this... it was lacking something... originality is there and romance was minimal but amusing, but it felt too easy to expect what would happen, I felt that it was too predictable, I had two suspects who the mysterious necromancer was, they were both a bit weird and suspicious. Turns out I was right, with one of them, and poof, the story was finished. Although I didn't expect the ending, so that turned out great.

Maybe I would give it 4 stars if the antagonist was unreal, and skeptical. I still have high hopes, and i'm still hoping(with crossed fingers) that the sequel will be better. :))

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