July 8, 2012

Book Review: The Iron Fey Series

The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa

Wow, just wow... I am completely and unexceptionably in love with all these books! At first I kept comparing it to Alice and Wonderland, but boy oh boy, I was sooooo wrong.

Cover Opinion: I love all of the covers, PERIOD. They're cool, sleek and attractive. This series is not like those other books with cute covers and awful stories.

The Iron King (5 stars) : Hah, the first book well, I really loved it, especially because it's already thrilling the first page, I didn't even had the chance to get bored, everything was well put together, the chase in the woods was full of adrenaline, the characters seemed so realistic, and the use of words were very understandable, not like those other books with super deep english XP.

The Iron Daughter (4.5 stars) : In all the series, this wasn't exactly my favorite, because this book is almost all about Puck and Megan, don't get me wrong I love them, but I still love Ash more <3. Anyways, this was the part where Megan was at the Unseelie court, and the Iron fey are making their move to attack the seelie and unseelie court. Megan and Puck with a bit of help from Grimalkin will try to stop this.
I was really torn between Puck and Ash, right here. :(

The Iron Queen (5 stars) : This is where the action really starts, Megan is now being hunted by the so-called Fake Iron king, and I love this part of the book because this is where Megan learn to fight for herself, and not depend on either Puck or Ash to help her, she's not a great warrior but I like a girl who's not clingy to a guy, and will go and protect herself because she knows how to. This is my 2nd favorite in the series because Megan and Ash's love for each other really shows in this part of the series. At this point I've already decided to be in TEAM ASH, but sometimes life can be epic. I almost cried in this part because of Megan and Ash separating, and I said; "They have to be together!! I want a hapilly ever after!!"

The Iron Knight (5 stars) : Whoooooooo, and for the fourth book, I am completely in love with Ash! Gawd, this is my favorite part! Could you imagine that? A guy, going to the ends of the world, seeking his soul, not for himself, but for the love of his life!? I love him for this, he's totally perfect, he's willing to sacrifice everything even his own existence just to be with Megan, who wouldn't love him, and all the trials were hard but he kept going, knowing that in the end, he will be with Megan, his queen, his love, and he will forever serve as her knight.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! That really was a simple thing, it was an amazing story and I had a blast reading it.

But i feel a bit sorry for Puck, he is lovable, funny, attractive and a good friend, he kind of reminded me of Peter Pan, :) At first I was team Puck, 'cuz well, he's a cool guy who can always make you laugh[his lines in the books were awesome] you can't help yourself to actually like Puck, but there's one thing that he can't do. He's not brave enough to pass the trials the Ash went through, he said so himself in the book, you might think he cocky and a conceited[well... he really is conceited], but he didn't have the guts to go to the ends of the world to be with Megan, I'm not saying that he's a coward, I'm saying that he's just missing something.

Ash, gosh Ash, I love his full name :))), do dark and masculine :)

I recommend these books to everyone!! It's worth it :)))

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